Our corgi cross is 4 years old - we rescued her 2 years ago and she is the most devoted dog I've personally seen.  (but she's the only corgi i've ever known)

I currently live in a small town in Northern Alberta, but my husband has gotten a new job that will require him to train for approx. 3 months - in Calgary (which is 6 hours away).  The hotel that we are in only allows dogs 20lbs and under so that rules out my "Tuesday".  Our in-laws have offered to watch her while we are away, but I'm worried she'll forget about me. She's my shadow all of the time.  What do you all think.  How will such a separation affect her?  Any suggestions?

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Ella acts like that even if I only leave to take the trash out!
Ha!  Tuesday too!  I'll be gone for 10 minutes and it's like i was gone for hours.

that is abou the sweetest thing I've ever seen!


She definitely won't forget you!  Did you tell the hotel she's a corgi?  They can pass as small dogs sometimes (not mine, but some can!).  It's not like they weigh them or anything.  But if she does stay with your relatives, you may make corgi lovers out of them, too, and they'll take in a homeless corgi as well!  But Tuesday most definitely not in a million years forget you.
Well thanks everyone!  You've really made me feel better.  Things have changed a little now.  We're from the small town of Slave Lake which recently burned down.  We weren't there when it happened.  Tuesday was with my in-laws and everyone got out safe.  Now my sister found a friend that is willing to take both her and my in-laws Chesapeke Bay Retriever.  The friend runs a professional kennel.  In a few weeks I hope to bring her to the hotel.  I miss her so much especially with so much awful going down.
Oh my....!  I'm so glad you and your family are all safe!  I'm ashamed to admit I hadn't heard about the disaster so I googled it.....holy moly! 
Glad you are all safe, and good luck!

I've taken my corgi to a few hotels that only require 20-30lb dogs.  She's never been turned down.  But honestly, how could you turn down a corgi??  You should be fine.


And, she won't forget you.

George Carlin (I think it was Carlin) used to do a great routine about dogs vs cats. Part of that routine was about how ANY amount of time to a dog was FOREVER.   So.....even if you leave the house and go out to the car, forget something and come back in, a dog will greet you with the same amount of joy and excitement as if you were gone for a week.


My husband and I think about this all the time, because it's so true!  So I would say, don't worry- to your furbaby it's all forever, and she'll not be able to tell the difference between those months and your daily trip to work.

(the bit is at the 5:19 mark) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LyPDk36lTQ




I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments and advice.  I talked to the hotel management and they will allow Tuesday!  Right now she is still at a kennel of a friends because of our town evacuation but I'm going to get her soon!  So happy!


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