Okay, Tootsie is afraid of most bowls. Don't know what it is - won't eat/drink out of anything that is clear or frosted. Even dark bowls are taboo.....

Can anyone shed light on this? I've had her since she was a baby (she is 1 1/2 years old) so I just don't get it....

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Unfortunately, I do not have a solution for you. What I do have is a corgi that is also highly fearful of bowls, cups and plates. She is 2 years old now. I got her when she was 4 months old - she was unsocialized and fearful and timid. For a long time I had to put her food on the floor - eventually she began to trust her food and water bowls. But all other bowls, plates or cups she is afraid of. I thought perhaps she had been smacked as puppy for putting her nose on coffee cup or plate on the floor. Hmmmm...this is interesting. It actually helps to hear she isn't the only one. I have been working with her to try to get over her fear of these things, it has helped a little. I've gotten her to lick some food off of a plate and she will now stay on the bed when I get my coffee in the morning - but she goes to the far side of the bed. If it helps at all - I have to corgi who is afraid of bowls too!
Wow, well, I've had Tootsie since she was 9 weeks old and I've never hurt her with a bowl.. I was thinking it was maybe an eyesight issue...
It is by far the oddest thing I have encountered...I could understand if it made noise!!!!!! She will walk into the giant water fountain/pool on campus (with spraying water and steps) and drink the water but in normal bowl? no way.....
Our girl Keri hit her dog tags on a metal bowl once,and now she's very leary of some bowls.Now,our boy Merlin, doesn't like anything in the sky because we have alot of hot air balloons in our area.Just some of those quirky things when you have a dog that was engineered to move/think fast when something spooks them(kicks at them,etc).Can't get much past these guys!!
Same reason Gwynnie is terrified of soap bubbles, umbrellas, and gunshots/thunder?
It is conceivable there's a rational explanation -- ambushed by a food-guarding bigger dog when she was a puppy or something? -- but don't count on it.
I did a search on Google and evidently this is a common issue....will have to work on it.....
Thanks guys....
I guess it is simply one of the mysterious quirkly behaviors of a corgi ♥
Maybe I should try fine china?
Casey will move away from you if you put a water dish on the ground. She has no problem drinking from it, but if you walk towards her with the dish, she will try to avoid you. She also doesn't like the dishwasher, yet I've never place her in it ;P

I think some dogs just have these quirks.
Good point.
A corgi avoiding a bowl? Odd. But the world is full of strange things.
A corgi avoiding a bowl with food in it? I cannot fit that into my model of the Universe.
I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could put a steak in the new bowl and she wouldn't touch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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