What can be done for a gassy corgi?  Marlee hasn't always been so gassy, but lately (the last month or so) she can clear a room in a few seconds flat.  And she won't just "let one", she lets them all night long. Her health is excellent, and we haven't changed her diet in any way. I haven't noticed any urgency or loose stools.

Is this a symptom of anything? Is there some kind of supplement, or food that helps with this problem? If not, I might have to take drastic measures, like change her nickname to Tooty Fruity, or Stinky Winkey. How Embarrassing!!

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Once in a great while we have this problem. I was feeding some other food (can''t remember what and it did affect their gas! Just a thought. Has she had this the whole time she was on this food?
Same food since she changed to adult food, 8 to 10 months - Iams adult. I know it's not a good as it used to be, but it's still not the cheapest. She always had some gas (maybe once every day or so), but there is a lot more lately.

However, I have recently put up a licks-a-lot automatic waterer that you hook up to the outside faucet because she was cooling her paws in the water bowl and spilling it.
Oh man, I hope somebody has the answer to this because we have the same problem with Frosty. My 3 year has started calling him skunk-butt because his gas is sooooooooo bad! lol!! Hope someone has the answer!
So are you wondering if she's swallowing more are thus producing more gas??? I don't know but it sounds possible! Also sometimes dog food companies change the ingredients and we don't know this.Has this become worse since you changed to the adult and is it the same flavor?
Same food, same flavor, same size chunks. No extra gas with adult food until recently.

On the automatic waterer, she has to tilt her head to lick the lever that lets the water out. She almost pushes it with her upper gum/teeth, then licks the water. Maybe with the cooler weather
she will stay out of the bowl.

I found this photo on the internet for an example.
Mine like sticking feet in the water bowl also but it would be interesting to see if she stops having so much gas. I think it's a great idea though as I hate cleaning outside water bowls!
Saves a lot of cleaning, but I was mainly worried about them spilling all their water on a 105 degree day. I didn't want them to die of dehydration. They spend most of their time inside, but we send them out when we work/go out.
there are supplements you can give to help aid in digestion and absorbsion of nutrients. a product i sell at my store that i've had success with in the past is called Opta-Gest by a company called inClover. it helps with bad breath too which was a huge plus for my boy. i noticed after a couple days that his stinky breath came back after i ran out, so i know the stuff works. give it a try. most holistic pet food suppliers should have it in stock, or can order it for you. a small bottle of it lasted me about 3-4 months.
It looks like our localish pet store might carry this. Worth a try.
Okay, you might be feeding the same dog food but what about treats? Chews? Many times the fillers in those can cause gas and you just don't think about it. I know a couple of mine have issues with cheap treats that I use for training. The smellier, the greaser, the grosser the treat, the more they tend to like it ie higher value. Most of the time I use cheese, but if I'm in a pinch, then I go to those as a stand by.

Anyway, think about everything that the dog might eat-grass, flowers, treats, food and yes, with many foods, though the formula might be the same, the ingredients might change quality depending on the supplier they get it from. If it's something outside, with the weather changes, it will change those items too.

You want gross-try road apples, ewww. Not only do they roll in them but when we take a walk to the creek, they will always find one to eat. Smelly dog inside and out. No one sleeps in bed that night.


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