Is it better to have a collar, do the stuff that comes in a dropper, or something natural?


I had the stopper stuff from the vet but it ran out and was rather expensive. I'll go back, that's better than having a problem, but would like your opinions.

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from my understanding flea/tick collars are useless. they only work around the neck area and are not powerful enough to keep the nasty critters away. i use k9 advantix and have had no problem with fleas,etc. it is expensive but worth it in the long run:)

Hi Christine, I'll say no to the flea collar and topical solutions. Before you do anything, read and understand the flea cycle. proceed to do the following:


1. Treat the outside environment

Mow the lawn and keep the grass short. Avoid letting Emilia roam into the tall grassy area.


2. Treat the house

Wash everything your dog touches, that includes his toys, your bed, curtains, steam clean the couch, carpet, bed...etc. Vacuum the house and dispose the bag outside your home immediately, make sure it is air tight. Your last resort is evacuate the entire house for half a day, bug bomb in every room. If you do go with this route, make sure you READ and follow all instructions, this stuff works but very toxic, it can also go kaboom if you don't switch off your electricity. Wipe all surface. 


3. Treat your dogs / cats

Give your dog a bath, starting from the head, make sure the shampoo soak in for a few minutes before rinsing, check for flea dirt when you empty the bathtub. Check the hind quarters and look for flea dirt / open wound, if she chews, put on the e-collar.


As far as Rx goes, talk to your vet about Comfortis, it is a pill that last for 1 month. If the infestation is no so bad, you can step it down with Capstar, it is a pill that last for a few days, but kills adult fleas instantly. When it comes to Rx, less is best, only use it on a need to basis. 


Knowing is half the battle :) Good luck!


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