Does anyone else's Corgis flinch when they are trying to sleep after a long day?  She's pretty worn out from swimming, running, playing with other dogs.  Looks funny but not sure if I should be concerned.  I just think shes beat from today. Seems to be less frequent as I'm typing this.

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Do you mean the random leg-twitching & paw-twitching & face twitching that dogs do when they're dreaming?
Sometimes my guys will move their legs in their sleep and make little half barks. Dreaming of deer, I assume. If it was amuscle spasm from an injury, I think it would be accompanied by pain, wouldn't it?
My Kota does this constantly when he's sleeping. He moves me when he's doing it so I say "It's ok Kota" really softly and he stops for a while. I like to think he's dreaming of chasing squirrels and things.
Charlie does this but every now and then he'll have "the dream". Which I'll never what its about but he'll be shaking in his sleep, all his paws moving randomly and he'll be talking away. Usually it doesn't take that much to wake him but during this one particular dream you sorta have to say his name really loud and shake him a little bit lol. If I can catch him again I'll video tape it.

Besides that they usually run and flick their paws and move their mouths and eyes in their sleep.


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