I've had a few dogs through out my life. Shitzu's, German Shepards, Beagles, and then Ein. 

This dog came into our home at around 10 weeks old and quickly dug his claws into our hearts. There wasn't much that we did that he was not with us. Be it watching TV, digging weeds (he thought everything was a weed), helped keep rabbits out of the pea patch, and took showers with us.

A few months back he was diagnosed with nasal soft tissue sarcoma and a surgery got a good chunk out so he could breathe. He came back with a vengence from that and did a lot more stuff.

Then two week ago I noticed he was starting to sound congested and had that sinking feeling. As the week progressed, it got worse until he could not breathe through his nose anymore. He still acted normal, chasing the laser, rabbits, etc. But the last few days he was starting to slow down, the lack of sleep from not being able to breathe properly was catching up to him. 

This morning, he did not want to eat his food. He ate a cookie, but he just sat there looking at me and I knew it was time. 

On our way we stopped at Jack in the Box and got him a burger, which he gulped down happily. When we got to the vet, he walked right in like he always did. The only dog I've had that I didn't have to drag in. He walked into the exam room, onto the lift table and laid down. That is where he left us, peacefully, after giving me a kiss on the nose. 

For the short time we had him, this dog lit up our lives and kept us going. I will sorely miss him and remember him every time I mow the lawn, pick the blueberries, raspberries, greenbeans, etc And I will look for him to toss him a few like he loved.

I know you will be waiting for us, until then, have fun little buddy!

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What a sweet tribute. Ein was well loved. May the wonderful memories of him help ease your pain.

Thank you.

To many memories, for such a short life, he packed in a whole lot of adventures. Everytime I go somewhere, I remember something we did.

They sure do steal our hearts very quickly and leave a lasting impression, thats for sure!!!  RIP Ein  Such a handsome corgi Ein was.  Again, so sorry. 

Thank you and you are absolutely right.

What a lovely tribute to your fur baby... So sorry for your loss :-(

Thank you.

He sounds all corgi to me. Their footprint in life is huge compared to their size. So sorry your journey ended so soon.

Thank you.

so young and such a cutie. So very sorry for your loss!! Such a difficult, but brave decision you made to not allow your furbaby to suffer.

Thank you

What a beautiful little guy.  I'm so sorry for your loss..... RIP, Ein :(

Thank you.


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