We will be flying LAX to JFK with our 20 lb. Corgi, Lucy, in an airline approved, soft-sided Sherpa carrier. The plane has only a 4 row business and the rest of the seats are coach. Last time we flew with Lucy we were in the 1st of the 4 rows of business class and there was no seat in front of us to store Lucy and her carrier. There were also no other seats in business with room in front to store a carrier because they changed the seats to recline, leaving less than 3" of space under the seat in front. The flight attendants had the right to move Lucy & carrier behind the 4th row seats, and threatened many times to do it. Has anyone had experience flying a dog on Delta in the business class rows # 1-4, or coach?

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My only experience flying was bringing Ethel home as a puppy, Birmingham to Atlanta to Hartford. We flew coach on Continental, MD-88s (which were all pulled out of service the following week to fix electrical wires, thank you very much), and there was plenty of room for her in her sherpa bag under the seat in front. I made sure when I purchased the tickets what type of aircraft was being flown, as sometimes they use little commuter planes for the short hop and those have no onboard space for dogs. I will say, though, that the attendants were not nice at all, and kept warning me not to touch the zipper of her carrier (she was 9 weeks old! I wanted to peek!) or let her poke her head out. (I can only imagine that they'd had incidents with pets that got loose or were ill or something -- they were really uber-sensitive. I would never really want their job, to be honest.) Good luck.
One of my best friend who is a northwest pilot said the main concern is passengers who have animal allergies, high altitude and a lack of emergency care can be a life threatening situation.

I don't have any experience flying my dogs in cabin on Delta.
Right, you have to reserve a space for your animal, as they only allow a couple per cabin, so they can make sure any allergic or protesting customers can be seated well away.
Thanks for your response. Actually the last time we flew with Lucy I think she did better than me! ; )
Thanks for your comments. We we brought Lucy home, as a puppy, from Oakland to LAX on JetBlue. JetBlue is all coach seata and they were super nice, but she was also teeny-tiny, and we used the smallest size sherpa, so it was no problem. They let us take her out of the sherpa & keep her on our laps whenever the seat belt sign was off. They wanted to see her and they ewww'd and awwww'd over her. This flight however, Lucy fills out the sherpa completely. She can turn around in it, but just barely.
Puppy from Richardsons? If so, we did as well and are very happy with Betsy (Rose).
We flew our Corgi Dee Dee from Orlando, FL to Sacramento, CA (and back) via Salt Lake City on Delta a long time ago. What you can do really depends on flight crews for that flight. Flight attendants from Orlando to Salk Lake City were really mean, and wouldn't let us even pick up the bag to our lap... even though the bag was all zipped up! But the flight from Salk Lake to Sacramento, we were allowed to unzip her bag & let her stick her head out. She was calmer on that flight since she didn't feel like she was confined in tight bag!! On the way back we flew back via Atlanta. The flight was wide open, and flight attendants were nice so we were able to unzip the bag as well. She slept most of the flight. We have not flown her in business (is it Business Elite seat?). Business Elite seat may be tougher since the space is really limited under the seat...

I'm sure you already let Delta know that you are flying with your dog when you made reservation, but when the date gets closer, make sure you call them back to get the seat assigned to avoid the bulk head seat. Explain to them that it is important for you to not get the bulk head seat bc of your dog. Hope you get the dog-friendly flight attendants!
@Alex, Actually we are flying bulkhead. We had it last time we flew and they let us keep Lucy in her carrier on the floor between our legs. It seems as if pet policy is arbitrary, subject to the whim of the flight attendants. Lucy didn't make a peep and on leaving several passengers commented that they didn't know there was a dog onboard. Now I'm wondering if we should change to row four. But I'm not sure if there's room behind row 4 for Lucy.
what is the heaviest your dog can be to take on the airplane?
Different airline have different requirement on weight, crates, bag, lock and number of occupant per crate. The weight is your dog + crate / bag.

If you live in the southern states or your destination / departure location is in the south, there are special restriction in the summer months because the temperature cannot exceed 85F. So you'll need to fly your dog early like 5am in the morning when the tarmac is still cool.

Last year I talked to 3 different airline representative about my trip from Orlando to Toronto, all 3 agents gave me different answers! One told me I must fly cargo from Tampa and not Orlando (wrong), one told me I will pick up my dogs along with my luggage from the same conveyer belt (she was an idiot), finally the 3rd person I talked to actually knew what she was talking about. So make sure you're 100% comfortable with you flight :)

Sam, true about the Summer restrictions, but they only apply to dogs going in cargo, not to dogs going in the cabin.

I never flew with a pet, but was once on a flight on a turbo-prop (Greyhound bus with wings....) and a small dog in a carry on. The dog started to holler a bit while we were still idling on the runway and the flight attendant kept threatening to put the dog back in cargo. The plane was very small, but it was my impression they had little patience and it seemed they did not like the idea of dogs on the plane at all.

To be fair, one bad experience with a dog screeching the entire flight is probably enough to sour some of the crew....


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