My corgi, Luna is a super traveler, I mean that.  She has been rock climbing and done repels.  She loves kayaking, and surfing.  She does it all.  I recently moved to a state much farther away from my extended family so I need to get Luna used to flying since driving is no longer an option.  She LOVES crates, so I already got her used to her soft-sided sherpa bag. (the Large size).  She is a petite corgi, only 19lbs, and pretty tiny.  She can turn around in the crate, stretch out, and fit comfortable.  I am not worried about that part.  I am worried about what I can give her to keep her entertained.

Luna, like many of you experience is very active.  She can go practice agility for 3 hours, go to the dog park, play fetch, and go for a walk all in one day and still has energy.  

I plan to take her for a long walk, play fetch, and run her through our mini-agility course before leaving for the airport, but I am concerned if there is any suggestions on what to give her during our 3.5 hour flight.  Should I even give her water? A frozen kong? Any busy-small toy suggestions?


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Not sure if it is just my dog, but bully sticks seem to last quite awhile. Seems like she chews on one for an hour or so. They come in various sizes so the larger ones could last some time. Unfortunately they also cause thirst so they would need to be given toward the end of the flight I assume. May be worth checking out before a flight. Also, they are safer than rawhide I believe.

That might be good to try, I will pick some up and try them before we leave! Thanks!

I think I would steer clear of making her thirsty. There is nothing worse that either that feeling, or feeling like you have to pee and not being able to do so. It will be more than 3.5 hours that she will be traveling. You have to count the time getting too and waiting in the airport, both before and after the flight.

I've heard of ppl giving there dogs a small dose of Benadryl when they travel to make them sleepy and relaxed. There is a dosage amount you should be able to find on the Internet. You might want to research that. Otherwise, Himalayan milk bone might be good. But there would be the thirst issue again.

Even dogs with a high activity level can take fairly long periods of inactivity.  Rather than focusing on how to keep her busy, I would be training her to accept that she may be in the Sherpa bag and that, when there, it is quiet time.  Start after she has had a chance to exercise, increasing until you can keep her in there for an hour, with you next to her. ( so choose a time when it's convenient for you to be sitting somewhere doing whatever ) then try adding motion by going someplace, since she will have to be in her bag while you are on the move in the Airport, etc. Give a small yummy treat when you put her inside, and require  her to be quiet.  If you think she needs a toy ( some dogs will sooth themselves by chewing ) , get something very safe, like the Black Kong, no food inside, but you could smear a bit of something in there, just for the scent.

I would try taking her with me on public transportation, a Mall, including going in the elevators, while in her bag.  I don't know if you have wheels on your bag.  I like the IGO2 carriers which allow you to carry the dog by the handle, or as a backpack, or roll it with a telescopic handle.  Many are expandable.

Here is a link to show the carriers I referred to:


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