Food bags KILL!

Corgi forelegs are too short to paw a plastic bag off the face.

Several people on Mycorgi have lost a dog this way.  We almost did.

We did lose a dog to a choking accident.  Sam just saved Vienna with a Heimlich.

Now's a good time to review this post, update your safety procedures, and refresh your family's awareness of this easily preventable common lethal accident.

If you have a scissors always hanging in place near your inaccessible garbage to cut bags when you discard them, that reinforces the safety culture and makes it easy.

Remember to watch your guests, who don't know.

UPDATE:  I never thought to secure my outdoor garbage can, which could get knocked over by a dog or other animal.

Review choking first aid and Heimlich maneuver for humans, too.  It works.  I've seen it done, followed by CPR that restored breathing and saved a life.

-- in memory of Teddy

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