Our 3 month old puppy Lucy came to us with giardia, coccidia and tapeworms (some of you may have read that awful thread). She was on Flagyl, Albon and got shots and oral dewormer for the tapeworms. The entire time we have had her, her stool has always been a bit soft. The vet gave her Centrine as well as Endosorb, and those had helped, but not really. We had her on Blue Freedom Grain Free puppy food and that was soft stool. We had her on Merrick all life stages duck recipe and she had soft stool on that too.

She has been to the vet 3 times already and has had fecal tests 3 times. The last one came back completely clear. She was still having soft stool, so I called the vet and they said to discontinue her current food, put her on the bland diet and then try to introduce a different food. If that doesn't work, then he wants to try prescription food. In addition to the bland diet she gets a Vetri-Science treat that has probiotics (this has worked wonders on our other corgi that used to always regurgitate when he ate or drank, he has not puked up anything in months).

Any suggestions for a food that might be good for her? (We also have an almost 2 year old corgi who I might transition to whatever food Lucy ends up on so that we can just buy 1 kind when they are both adults.)

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I would hesitate on perscription foods. They are not good for your pup. It's all corn and byproducts. Our vet does not use them at all since there are typically healthier solutions out there than anything Science Diet or Royal Canin can do. I would do a good grain free food or raw diet. If you do grain free try adding some pumpkin to help firm up her stool. Raw meatly bones can firm up stool as well. Also, probiotics only work if they are kept cold and alive. So try a good greek yogurt with lots of active probiotic cells. I love Grek Gods brand full fat greek yogurt. GL!

Have you tried a food that is not grain free? My pem cannot handle grain free foods, they are too rich for him and he gets super soft poos and the runs. Not fun. Not all grains are bad!

Thank you Andrea, I'm going to probably start adding some yogurt to her bland food before I go back to a kibble.

Jane - I'm considering a non-grain free food this time too. Our first corgi I suspect has a wheat allergy (we noticed he had considerable scratching throughout the night when he would get into bread that my mom threw out for the birds when we were living with her. This happened too many times for coincidence. So he is on grain free now). She seems to be doing better now that all the meds are out of her system, so hopefully we can try a kibble again and not have to do prescription food.

I suspect she just needs some time to recolonize the good bacteria in her gut.  A small amount of people food such as the yogurt, a little  meat, pumpkin, cottage cheese,  a teaspoon of olive oil, etc will help do that.  Alternate whatever you have to add and give a it good month at least.  I would try to ignore the soft stool and not go the prescription diet route.


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