So Remy is 17 weeks old now & we've been feeding him the Goodlife Recipe for awhile now. I've been doing some research after seeing that he hasn't been going #2 very much since we've switched foods & have read bad things about it. ): My boyfriend & I are going tomorrow to go buy him new & improved food! hah

What would be the best brand to get? I keep reading different things from different websites & it's starting to confuse me. :p

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We love Wellness. Sidney has been very healthy while eating it. To keep things interesting, we are giving him some Merrick Turducken. I think he likes the Wellenss (Core Ocean) a little better, but I wanted to give him something with less protein until he gets into agility and gets more exercise. The nice thing about Wellness is that Petco carries it now.

My other dog ate (and really liked) Canidae, but I had to stop giving it to him when he got diagnosed with kidney failure.

You are doing a great thing by getting Remy better food!
We feed Natural Balance Ultra Premium. The Clan has done great on it: fluffy coats, no skin irritations, good weight and health. Thank you for taking time to find a good premium food. It will go a long way toward having a healthy dog. Have you looked through It's a lot of info, but it's good info when you're reading the ingredients on bags.
I haven't looked through that website before but I just did. (: Thank you so much for the help! I think Remy has skin irritations too so this will also be good.
We love Wellness too, and its convenient since you can buy it at petco. I even turned my mom onto it, and she has fed her dogs purina one as long as i can remember.
I feed Kitty Orijen~it's dry kibble,fish formula.She loves it and her coat and skin are in great condition.Also, I put salmon oil on it,each meal.
We feed Monty Hundchen Flocken Puppy (lamb) from Solid Gold. He had tummy troubles the first 6 months and we went through many premium dog foods but this one so far has been great. He doesn't have any more tummy problems and seems to love it. It is also available at Petco, usually next to the Wellness products. Both are good foods, it just depends on the dog sometimes too. Good Luck.
I finally broke down & bought Authority puppy food. (: It looked pretty good & there were no harmful things in it! Oh, & it was cheap. :p
We feed out dog Halo which is available at Petco. It's all natural and holistic and Basso LOVES it! It's not too expensive and if you sign up on their website, they send you coupons.
as I'm sure some one will say... Look at

I've had the best luck with Evo and Instinct.

Henry has allergies and this seems to cut his scratching by 99%. It's expensive, but you can get it at with free shipping on orders over $50. They're a little slow, so order ahead if you try it...
From day one I've used Innova with Bubba and he's done great on it. I've went back and forth switching now and then to CA Natural(also made by Natura) and back to Innova again. There was a time I would rotate him to Canidae and then back to Innova but with the news of them changing formulas I've stuck with Innova along with an evening meal of 95% beef EVO. Natura is one of the few places that make their own here in the US and no ingredients come from 3rd world countries and they've never been on any recall list for their kibble or treats.
My boy is 6 months and is on Blue Buffalo Puppy Lamb and Rice. He loves it! The Lamb formula is the only protien that is free range (that's what the representative told me anyway), which was importatnt to me. Blue is a great food i find.

Are you looking for something that you can still buy at like walmart? Or do you plan on shopping at a petstore for it? There are plenty of good premium dog foods out there. Petco carries some good ones like Wellness, Solid Gold, and Natural Balance. Petsmart has Blue Buffalo, Royal Canine, and Nutro Ultra (just to name a few). All great goods. Walmart has Purina One, and some carry Purina Pro Plan. It really depends on whats convenient for you, and whats best for your puppy!
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