I have more and more friends starting to prepare cooked meals for their dogs instead of kibble. I would love to put together a list of links to send to them about proper nutrition and diet when its based on 'people food'. I think they are doing a pretty good job but more information always helps! Anything you know would be great.

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I cook for Lulu as was recommended by a Holistic Vet due to her multiple food allergies.

I use either pork or grass fed beef with tons of veggies in the crock pot and add Nupro for vitamins/suppliments.

She loves it, is doing really well, great poops and her symptoms have lessened.

I give mine chicken,  brown rice, oatmeal,  or organic russet potatoes  with a bit of extra-virgin olive oil,  and some peas,  carrots and green beans (all organic).  I have also found this wiki very helpful:

How to make dog food

Here is a basic recipe which things can be added to:


I cook real food for Cassie and always have -- but she was two years old when I got her. http://funny-about-money.com/2012/02/22/how-to-make-dog-food/

Still giving Pup the kibble the breeder was using, because I'm not sure how to meet a puppy's nutritional needs with real food.

We prepare our girls food as well. We use organic ground beef purchased at Costco and add a powder called Birkdale Pet Food Mix (there are a couple of option, we buy the Mobility mix). We purchased this powder through k9criticalcare.com. It is a mix of freeze dried fruits, veggies, sea kelp and other healthy ingredients. No artificial additives or wheat, corn or soy. Our girls love it, and it helps to keep their coats shiny and weight controlled at a good weight for their little legs and long bodies. In the morning, I mix in Salmon Oil, Spirulina (great antioxidant and cancer fighting supplement), Cranberry Powder (the Cranberry because our girls had urinary tract issues when they were pups), a couple of other powders that we purchase from the same site as the food mix (Itchin For Nirvanna for allergy control and mobility powder). Our girls chow down on their food...they love it!

So glad to hear I'm not the only one who does this! Vets look at me as though I were nuttier than a fruitcake when I let my little secret slip in front of them.

Does anyone know a credible source of information on feeding real food to puppies: how to meet a growing pup's nutritional needs, with WHAT, and how much to feed over, say, the first 18 months to two years of life?

FYI, several years ago a vet asked if I would adopt one of his customer's dogs -- the old guy was going into a nursing home and had to find a home for his aged dog. The human was a vegan and...get this!...SO WAS  HIS DOG! The vet said the dog had never had anything but a vegetarian diet, prepared at home by the guy.

I said that couldn't possibly be very good for the dog (this was in pre-Melamine days), because...well, aren't dogs carnivores? Don't they NEED meat for health? The vet said all he knew was the guy had been bringing the dog to him for years and it was in excellent health. And the dog was 14 years old.

Think o'that!

Lulu will be 1 tomorrow, my Holistic vet said to add supplements (Nupro) for vitamins, never mentioned a different food for puppies VS adult dogs. He suggested all organic and/or grass fed protein (expensive)

A small amount of garlic is OK, I use ginger too. Spinach, Carrot, Yam, Kale, celery, tomatoes, buckwheat.

Dogs are Omnivores, not Carnivores


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