Fortie follows me everywhere...I know he's a Corgi, however...

Hi all

Our Corgi, Fortie, is almost three years old now. We recently moved from an apartment in the city to a country house with a huge garden. But I'm a little worried that he's got issues after the move!

Sometime he's independent, but mostly he will not do anything alone. He sometimes goes out into the garden, but other times he just won't go. Even if I go outside and try to encourage him, he just stays inside the hallway and looks at me like I'm a nutter. Sometimes the only way to get him to go outside is to take him outside and then leave the doors open so he knows he can get back in. Maybe he thinks we're not going to let him back inside? He is very suspicious and it's difficult to trick him!

Other times, he'll go out into the garden by himself and then suddenly he'll come sprinting into the house and find me and huddle up to me like he's scared. It's really weird! He's a bit of a scary cat: any loud noises or sudden movements cause him to jump and if he doesn't recognise something he'll get growly/barky at it. Otherwise, he's the loveliest, funniest sweetie.

Also, he's become really needy. I know he's a Corgi-shadow and the thing about being close to us was one of the reasons we wanted a Corgi, but this is getting a bit worrying. For example, he gets his scared look on his face and follows me around. Or he'll just follow me around and sit on my foot every time I stop for a couple of seconds. The best way to explain is that when I'm unpacking the dishwasher and moving around the kitchen to put things away, he follows me every step and our kitchen is 4m2, so it's not a huge distance!

Has anyone had the same experiences? Would it be because of the move? We try to take him with us to different places so he can still interact with other people and dogs and sometimes friends come over with kids and dogs. I am aware of the typical Corgi behaviour and the shadowing, but this feels like more than that. It's like he thinks we're going to abandon him!

Any one with hints on how to handle him, let me know!

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I can't say my experience is the exact same, but Noodles does follow me everywhere. He has to make sure he can see me at all times and he will soon be turning 11 in June. That is just my baby and I say it's because he loves his mama so much (he doesn't do this with my husband). In regards to the not wanting to go outside, Noodles won't stay outside if he either really doesn't need to go potty or doesn't want to stay outside. In order for him to go outside on those occasions, I have to go out there with him and then I'll turn back inside. If he follows me, I know he doesn't want to be outside. It also could be like you mentioned that he needs some time to settle in to his new place and the new sights/sounds associated with your new place. I'd give him some time to settle in to his new surroundings, but that's just my opinion.

Thanks for your reply, Alison. It sounds like Noodles does similar things to Fortie so maybe it's nothing to worry about and he's just being extremely Corgi! I'll give him some more time and if he doesn't improve, we might take him back to classes to get some serious interaction with other dogs. If the weather is good he seems to stay outside for longer and I end up looking around for him because I'm worried he's found a hole in the fence (DIY fence!). So maybe now that the weather is getting better, he'll go out more often. He is a serious heater hog!

That's interesting. I'd be willing to guess it's got something to do with the move. Moving is disorienting even for some humans. For a dog...??? Suddenly he's no longer in his own territory, which he's marked out with three years of widdling and pooping. The sounds are different in the country. The smells are different. Your routine may be different, too. Any one of those things could, in theory, be disturbing.

Dunno. Every time I've moved, we had more than one dog. So they had each other to reassure themselves, I suppose...if they needed reassurance.

Have you witnessed what was going on when he came shooting in the house acting scared? Is it possible a dog spooked him? A mean neighbor whose presence you haven't tumbled to yet?

I wouldn't worry about it much. He'll get accustomed to the place eventually.

I think his behavior is associated with the move.  I would not worry about it, just give it time.  Don't try to force him or tick him as both these things can aggravate anxiety and foster insecurity.  Don't fuss over him either, as you settle into a routine, eventually he will feel more secure.  Like people, some dogs are more creatures of habit than others.....


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