Just for fun, post a link to a funny corgi video. You get bonus points if you made the video yourself, the video is under 100k views on YouTube (meaning people are less likely to have seen it by now), it's a video I've never ever seen, or features a cardigan. These bonus points may or may not be useful for anything at all. ;)

Some examples!

Corgi obedience SNAFU:


Corgi flipping out:


Corgis herding an animal that ought not to be herded:


Corgi anticipation:


Guilty corgi:


Corgi butts (!!):


Let's see some funny corgis! :D

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OMG. I hadn't seen the first video before. It brought me to tears laughing so hard. My husband started laughing at me laughing. And then Nemo started barking at us laughing which just made me laugh harder. My sides hurt.  

Apparently that corgi does this at multiple events... http://youtu.be/AWYwSCZRes4?t=52s

Here's a video I took of my baby Bowie just the other day:


Ohmygoodness. Too cute!

Haha so cute! He was going so fast there at the end he slipped. :)

It's like kids and boxes-the simplest things are the best toys.

OMG is right.. The (dis)obedience one is hysterical!    Kaley sure looks like she's having fun.

One of my favorites is always the corgi flop video...


I love this one

The Kaley video is one of my all time favorites. I think her owner is a member of mycorgi. She went on to be a great obedience dog but watching her race around the ring is so fun!

Have you guys seen the Kibble Dance video? One of my absolute favorites:


Forgot to post this one... Most indignant corgi I've ever seem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qqiE9CFJ4GI

Omg i just about peed my pants =- ) 


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