Just for fun, post a link to a funny corgi video. You get bonus points if you made the video yourself, the video is under 100k views on YouTube (meaning people are less likely to have seen it by now), it's a video I've never ever seen, or features a cardigan. These bonus points may or may not be useful for anything at all. ;)

Some examples!

Corgi obedience SNAFU:


Corgi flipping out:


Corgis herding an animal that ought not to be herded:


Corgi anticipation:


Guilty corgi:


Corgi butts (!!):


Let's see some funny corgis! :D

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This is AWESOME!


This is my Finnegan as a wee one trying his hardest to touch Carly's paw. Those stumpy legs are cute, but are worthless for reaching.

I like how at the end he cold-noses him instead!


My Pembroke and Cardigan mix corgi puppy named Mocha attacking the camera about 2 weeks ago. :D

The noises he makes are so cute! :)

Also interested to see what he looks like as an adult. I've never seen a cardi/pem mix before.

None of these are mine ..






More gems on this page!

That first video is so funny! They're like little sharks! Floppy... adorable sharks...

I've seen a few videos now of dogs throwing things in moving water and then following it. I wonder what they're thinking when they do that?

That last video is why I close my crate with snap hooks! OMG he's so smart.

Here's Napolean! To me, he looked like a bat dog haha.


I'm biased...he's all mine, after all...but he always makes me laugh...

Fortunately for us, this time, the judge laughed, too.  Oliver loves Rally


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