General Topic: What's your number one favorite part of owning a corgi???

We all love corgis....but for what reasons? Just thought I'd start a group discussion. I love owning corgis because they seem to understand you when your talking to them, like their little furry people!!!

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The "greeting", coming home from work, shopping what ever it has to be the greeting. Now as Sami is getting older and more vocal it is even better! Makes my heart feel hugged and warm.
Their happy disposition and the bunny butt!
I love Wrigley's attitude. He loves all people, dogs and even going to the vet. We get so many compliments when we take him places and I think the best was when a man called him, "A spirited little guy." He has so much personality!
Seanna makes me appreciate life. She is always happy, comes to see what's wrong when I'm down, and makes me laugh every day! I love how she gets "the zoomies" once a day, throws her toys up in the air, pretends to obey me when she's not really, how she zooms under low objects so her best friend (a rottweiler/shephard mix) can't catch her, how she lays with her back feet out or on her back with her little stubbins in the air, or when she sleeps with her tongue out...I could go "on and on"...she is just a dog with the most personality!
Oh...and how she makes me hold her rawhides so she can chew's hard with only stubbins...
I would have to say the number one reason I love my Cardi' is their crazy, clownish personality. It is impossible to stay angry or sad with them around. They are a non perscription anti depressent and I love them to death for it.

Because he is the original Waving Corgi
She can always make me smile even when I am having a crappy day - she just looks at me with those big ears and I melt - she is so awesome.
Loyalty, they are so loyal and want to please me with every antic they do.
My Corgi, Ben brightens my day with his smile and antics. He's always ready to go anywhere, do anything or just be with me, wherever I walk in the house or yard. A great companion who just turned 13 today.
No matter how bad my day is when i come home to see Dragster i cant help but smile.
I love her cute .. smiling face, and that she right with me when I am home every where I go. The Bunny Butt is very cute too! She also has an excited lets go attiude, and a sweet personality!


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