General Topic: What's your number one favorite part of owning a corgi???

We all love corgis....but for what reasons? Just thought I'd start a group discussion. I love owning corgis because they seem to understand you when your talking to them, like their little furry people!!!

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Ever since the first day I got Roxi - it was her eyes. Those smart knowing eyes just full of intelligence and always ALWAYS watching. I noticed this over time that most corgis do this with their owners. You look at a corgi and you just know they're processing every moment. Once Charlie lost his feral ways his own eyes went from wide/white/wild to that same knowing/watching/knowledge. I love it. I always know they're listening whether they'll do anything about it or not ;)

stubborn little... mumble mumble..
Simon is happy ALL the time. I love that -- he always walks around like he has a smile on his face!

The only time he didn't was a couple of weeks ago when he pottied in the house, and I caught him in the act and told him he was a 'bad boy' in a firm tone. It was the ONLY time I saw him mope and be sad, and he wouldn't stop until I gave him a hug and told him I still loved him, and he was all happy again. (BTW, he hasn't pottied in the house since -- I guess being called a 'bad boy' was what it took to get him to stop!)

But that's what I love about corgis --- they're always all bouncy and happy and how can you NOT love them?
The plain truth is because they make us happy. We really enjoy Max and Molly. They are so much fun. If your having a bad day they can always make it better.
Nari is so sweet to people and to other dogs. Also, she is curious about everything, sometimes making me tired when we walk together! I love her friendly and intelligent character.
She looks like a fox but sometimes I see a deer in her look. Finally I realize she is a little cute pig when she 'drinks' her meal. She is so dynamic and unpredictable! I love my corgi :-)
Every corgi I have owned has had his or her own unique personality. But one thing always stay constant. Corgis are always happy. Happy to be..anywhere you are, happy to be anywhere, just happy!! I love when Cragar jumps on the back of the sofa behind me and lays his head on my shoulder for kisses, and his velvety ears. He thinks everybody wants to pet the corgi so he always gives everybody the opportunity to pet him. I love it when he cocks his head when you talk to him, almost like he understands every word. Corgis are the best dogs ever!!


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