I was thinking about taking Freya to Petsmart to be groomed before I get her spayed. I wanted to get a proper poop shoot trim and get her toe pad area trimmed up some. I can handle her nails and bathing without a problem...though maybe I'd consider a bath too.

About how much does it run you to do this at Petsmart? What are your experiences? What's included and what's not?

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i get my dachshunds groomed at petco and its around $40 for a bath and a trim. That includes nail and i dont have them do anals since they get done at work. I think for a corgi it's more because its a bigger dog. I wanna guess around $50ish
I have never used grooming services at petsmart, but I have at petco. And I've only gone once, when my Ein was 3 months old. The bath/brush cost us $20--which I thought was too much, I think. After that, I figured that it would be a lot cheaper to just bathe him myself, so now I do all the grooming myself at home.
Why pay someone else to have the fun of pampering your beastie? In the time it would take me to take the dogs up to Doggie Style (not making this up, that's it's name), I can do it myself. And that's 4-5 blocks away.
Plus, I find combing to be a relaxing way of spending time with the dog. I only do it when I'm in the mood: i.e., frustrated, angry, upset; by the time I'm done combing & trimming, I'm feeling better and relaxed again. Dog therapy.
And when our dogs need a bath after a wet excursion, I do too, so... into the shower together.
I guess it's depending on the size of the dog and also if you want to add some "spa" experience. (I am not sure if they do this, but some private groomers offer them).

I would dare to say for a corgi between $40-50 dollars. You can always call your local Petsmart, I am positive they can give you a quote over the phone. There are some days that are cheaper. On a close by Petco they have the Two for Tuesdays, where one of the dogs is half price.

My advice: go "price hunting"and "service hunting". Stand behind the glass and watch them work. See how they deal with nervous dogs, difficult cases etc. See who are the groomers with patience and that treat the dogs with respect. Go with the one that will answer your questions in a friendly manner, not with the ones that have the "robotic" voice, just to brush you off. On weekends it's busier than on weekdays, so your dog won't get the same quality of service. You can make appointments, but sometimes, it takes longer.

Usually, the regular is: a bath, nail trimming, ear and anal gland cleaning, dry hair, brush or "furminate", some smell spray or powder, and a bandana. They can add flea treatment like Frontline, shave, special haircut, massage, conditioning shampoos, special fragances, and other things for additional costs.

Now, you can gave Freya a bath at home, and just take her for trimming. That's quicker and cheaper. Or depending on the staff of your vet, they sometimes take the initiative and trim nails and paws while the pet is under anesthesia. Good luck with Freya!!!
Hmm, I don't think she's a fluffy. Um, she has a lot of problems with her poo sticking to her butt fur and she is never still long enough to let me trim her myself. As for trimming the fur around her food pads, I am lucky that she lets me play with her feet, I am lucky that she will let me trim her nails (and I'm not sure if that was a fluke or she's been that tired after hiking and doesn't care), but the second I go for trimming...she runs and hides. I'm not sure why she's like that but I have heard that corgis are notoriously bad about having anything done with their feet.
Toby has problems with poopy but and the vet told us to add Bran cereal to his diet. It helped tremendously! We also have the groomer trim his hair around the area too. Baby wipes help with cleansing. Ive tried to do Lola's foot care but it is an ordeal. I even bought one of thos peticure devices. She just hates it so its worth it to take her to the groomer or vet. Never tried Petsmart with my corgis but did in past with my dog who passed away. At the private groomer it cost $95 for my three corgi babies. Make sure the person knows how to groom a Corgi.........one cut Toby's "pants" off.
Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try the bran cereal. I can't figure out how she does it. She's on good quality food (Blue Buffalo) but always have poop on her somewhere. Do they charge you by the weight of the dog? Is that how they charge for stuff?


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