hi everyone! so i am having Baden get his photos professionally taken and i want him to look his absolute best so i want him to look as though hes about to step into the show ring. i know it will be a lot of work and time but that perfectly fine as Baden LOVES to be groomed and i enjoy doing it. every single sunday i groom him so hes very patient, trusting, and very used to it. 

now i have a month to prepare for this to get some practicing in and i want to know how you groom your corgi before show. even the smallest detail is welcomed. i have soft brushes, rake, comb, stickler brush, flea comb, and of course a dremel for nails and i brush his teeth. i am going to get him so new shampoo and was leaning on crown royal #3 shampoo and the crown royal magic touch spray. or i is isle of dogs better? i also was reading to whiten his fur u can use corn starch? i am willing to take any advise so he looks his absolute best!

also, should  get a volume spray or shampoo? how do i make his top ling perfectly slick and straight with no waves or cow licks? and most of all i have always wondered, how do u get that "electrified" look???

if u want u can even privately message me, i just really want him looking great for these photos so i thank you in advance :)

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i can't help you with the grooming specifics, but I would like to say that a  good professional dog/pet photographer does not take posed "show Dog" photos, unless it's a show dog win or advertisement.  A good photographer captures the essence and personality of the particular dog, whether with you, or by himself.  I have many show pictures and a few that were taken by a professional photographer in a candid way.  The first  ones remind me of the wins, the second ones remind me of the actual dog and are the cherished ones.  Sure you should get him spruced up, but then just let him be his goofy self and let the photographer click away!  I look forward to you posting some nice pictures.

your right. thank you

Inspect the face closely.  Small imperfections like specks of dust, tears, flecks of dirt, or misplaced hairs may show up conspicuously in close-up portraits:

Dirty Dog = Happy Dog

Make sure there are no cat litter crumbs in his whiskers:

Who you callin' "Big Nose"?

Keep him calm, so he can sit still:

Puppy Photography 101

OTOH, don't let him get bored.  Don't let the shoot take too long.  Invent some games or distractions to keep him alert and interested.  You'll need favorite treats to brandish behind the camera:

"Sit." "Stay." "Smile." (1 out of 3 ain't so bad.)

Make sure he's not doing drugs:

Coming Soon to a nightmare near you.

You might want some small wipes or a cosmetic brush for last-minute finishing touches:

Al's 2nd birthday

Practice at home, so he gets used to it:

Al and Weasel are friends

LOL!!!!  this really made me laugh, i love your sense of humor.

Love these photos!  You must be very amusing to your dogs. 

Oh goodness! Perfect! Send them to NatGeo!

I've never groomed for show, but I've talked to some people who have.  Corgis are not always high-maintenance dogs.  I casually know one of the breeders whose dog won Best in Show at the National Specialty and she doesn't even bathe her dogs before showing them;  she brings them in from playing, brushes them off, and takes them off to the ring--- or that's the impression I got.   

Maddie's coat gets funny swirls and I know her breeder says she always blew her out when she bathed her.   But I do think that a lot of Corgi people just brush the dogs normally and take them in.   

I hope you'll share some of the pictures with us.  

i cant wait to share them with you all! :) this will be his first time ever getting getting his photos done and im very exited!

after reading some articles online, thats what some people said as well. they kept up on the grooming with them that by the time its was ready for to show them they just needed a few touch up. some have almost 10 different products they put on their dog and buy very expensive shampoos. like mouse, smoothing cream, texture crystals, etc. but some just said they used panteen conditioner. from what i gathered keeping the coat hydrated with a conditioner, through out the week, that dosnt sit on top of the coat but penetrates the shaft of the hair is the key. so i found a very inexpensive conditioner  ($10) by cindra, and that will make his coat fluff up but not too much without softening the coat. they also recommended a texture shampoo since corgis are not supposed to have soft fur but more rough to the touch but since i am not having a judge touch him il just get a clarifying shampoo to just clean him up and be sure to hydrate his coat. since they said if they have waves or kinks thats what its from. so after trying out there product i have to say they are right about that. i sprayed his coat with diluted conditioner/ water  and brushed him out and BAM no more curls.

but one thing everyone agreed on is the best way to get a beautiful coat is the way u blow them out and the brushes u use. so lots of different perspectives and advice. everyone had their own view on it


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