Wonderimg wht everyone uses to brush their Corgis? Pippa is our 1st Corgi and everything we have read says that they blow their coat twice a year. Since Spring is around the corner what should we use.

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Oh yes,the wonderful world of corgis' blowing their coats. I'm going to assume that Pippa is not a fluffy..don't use a furminatior on a fluffy, it literally pulls their fur out. I use the furminator on both of mine in warm weather. I've found in the cold weather that their coats get too thick, I live in NY and it's gets cold. Both my show coat Katie and especially my glamour coat Brady get very thick coats and the furminator just pulls the fur. In the winter I use the wire brush I used on my fluffy.

I'm sure others will have probably better suggestions but that's what works my guys.

I've used a thing that looks like this, only with just one loop (two could be good, though): https://www.amazon.com/Decker-22-SS-Shedder-Scraper/dp/B001AWE9UO/r...

And a thing that looks like this: https://www.amazon.com/Grooming-Brush-5StarPetPro-Removes-Tangles/d...

The second collects the dog hair so you can pull it off (tap the comb on the floor to loosen the hair) and place it in the trash or a bag. The first pulls out lots of loose hair with minimal doggy annoyance, though you get to collect it off the floor, unless you do the job outdoors where the wind will carry it off. :-)


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