so after Nibbler's bath today I was drying her off and noticed that she has some weird growths on both feet. It's on the pad that her dewclaw would have grown out of, but she doesn't have a claw there. The pad is nice and pink until the very tip, which has, for lack of a better word, little feeler looking things that are whitish colored. They bend very easily when I touch them, almost like skin. Maybe she has a fungus or something? She will be going to the vet this week for vaccinations anyway so he can check them, but has anyone else had this? I'm attaching pictures.

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How strange, I've never seen/heard of this. Looks like some sort of fungus. Keep us posted on what the vet says
Hi Mary, is the "growth" only on the Dew Claw pad? How about the Carpal and Digital Pads? It's hard to tell from the out of focus pictures.

Did Nibbler lick or chew her paws lately? If so, she might have walked on a carpet shampoo, floor cleaner, or garden sprays that irritate her feet.

If Nibbler didn't chew or lick, it could be food, airborne allergen, yeast infection, a zinc deficiency, autoimmune or just plain old extra growth. Your vet will be able to rule them out.
We have a vet appointment on Thursday so at least we will hopefully find out then! It does kind of make me think of a fungus. I'm extra cautious about using chemicals in the house but I don't know. Hopefully it's not a big deal!
I hope it's nothing too serious. it is difficult to tell since the pics aren't focused. Good luck and hugs from me and kota.
I had a dog a long time ago that had the same thing. The vet said that when her dew claws were removed a small bit must have been left there. It started growing again as a skin tag. He removed it and it never grew back. Hope your vet has an easy fix. Let us know how it goes.
It doesn't look like this is on the dew claw pad but rather the pad at the back of the leg. I don't have any idea what it is however. Let us know what you find out.
I think you're right Karen, I was looking it up and it had a different name....a carpal pad or something. This is my first corgi so my anatomy on the stumpy legs is kinda mixed up. My fiance is taking her to the vet in a few hours so we will see. Sorry about the out of focus pictures, I can't seem to figure out how to get them to focus properly close up :(
Both mine have these on the carpal pads. They look kind of like scales, yes? I always figured that it was like how the bottom of their pads, if you rub them the wrong way, seem to have scaling. I assumed that this was what they talked about when they talk about the paw pad being keratinised. Since mine don't mess with it and it never wears off, I trim theirs with toe nail clippers.
So the vet said that she has been chewing on her paws :( which he said isn't a big deal but I might try to find some anti-itch stuff for them! I'm just glad it's not a fungus :).
So he didn't say it was infected or anything? Just that she has been chewing on her paws? He didn't offer anything to help with it? Did he offer any advice?


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