i guess because of summer, Remy is really getting rid of his coat,, ,, i brush and use the rake , wandering if bathing 2x's a week will help. i tell myself that he is from Whales ,, cold,  cold ,, we are in TX,, we brush everyday ,, i keep thinking he will be bald soon ,, what else can i do

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Unfortunately, hair is one downside of corgis.  Don't bathe twice a week...twice a year is normal!  You can easily brush out the dirt from their coat.  If you bathe too much, you'll damage their coat.  The only way to really keep up is to brush, brush, brush.  But even then, you can brush all day long, every day--and you'll still have hair.  Some people use supplements, not sure which ones, but they swear they work.  I just learned to grin and bear it.  I figure what's a little bit of hair for a lot of love.

yep ,, hair and all i love my little love bug,, and i didnt know about damaging their coat ,,thanks

I wouldn't bathe a corgi more than once per month, and only if really needed.  Most corgi's coats are remarkably self-cleaning.  We bathe our corgis only 2-3 times a year, usually when they've gotten into something stinky.   Too-frequent bathing can actually  make shedding worse.  One of ours sheds hardly at all, but our other corgi was a walking cloud of airborne fur when we first got him from the shelter.  He's still more prone to shedding than our other corgi, but we've had good success with daily use of  Linatone Shed Relief (a supplement that contains essential fatty acids); it's helped control the shedding quite a bit.  BTW, we're in Texas, too! 

thanks,, awwwww,, never knew about the over bathing , i feel bad ,, i give him a bath once a week,, will stop that now,,,and will look for the Linatone Shed relief,, i thinking i can get it at the pet place ?? would like to send you a friend request too,, much help, thanks so much,, also would not trade my baby for anything else ,, i LOVE him,,

We buy our Linatone at Petco.  It's about $20 for a large bottle, but it lasts for months and months, and that is with 2 dogs.  As Sam said, you use only a teaspoon or so, so it gets used up very slowly.  The dogs love the taste, too!  I hope it helps with Remy (what a cutie, by the way!). 

Hi Vera, DO NOT bath him twice a week, it will wash away his natural oil causing skin / hair problems. Brush him first to get rid of the undercoat, then bath him, blow dry and brush some more. Put a tea spoon of oil in his food, turn on the humidifier at home.

thanks Sam,, will do so,, 

what does the oil in the food do for them?

Hi Jenny & Ramji, here you go.

THANKS!! what kind of oil do you use? wonder if olive oil is ok. If not, maybe I should go and get some sunflower oil...

you're welcome. I use cold press extra virgin.

Not much you can do but wait it out.  Jack blew a little coat all winter so his spring shed wasn't too bad.   Maddie, on the other hand, was sending clouds of fur into the ether every day.   Some years mine get down to nothing but top coat.  They look a little funny til fall (very little ruff, no pants) but that's what is meant to happen.  The worst of it should only last a couple weeks.  When guard hairs start to fall out too, you know they are almost done.


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