i guess because of summer, Remy is really getting rid of his coat,, ,, i brush and use the rake , wandering if bathing 2x's a week will help. i tell myself that he is from Whales ,, cold,  cold ,, we are in TX,, we brush everyday ,, i keep thinking he will be bald soon ,, what else can i do

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thanks Beth ,, question what are the guard hairs??

Just another word for the top coat.    The longer, slicker, shinier outer hairs that make up the outermost layer.  They don't all shed every year, but some of them shed all the time and more than normal shed when coat-blowing is almost complete. 

Huh! No pants?  That would look funny! ours have never shed that much yet! (though it seems like it with all the hair in the air.....)

Sidney only gets about three baths a year :)

We give him a couple of pumps of Foxy Treats  Skin and Coat Supplement on his food and he does not shed much at all.

Question, do tri colored shed less than the sable and whites?  Sophie really doesnt shed much, she is a black headed tri, however I do give her a fish oil supplement eveyday, so I do not know if its the supplement that helps. or if tris shed less

I don't think there's any correlation with color, but maybe with coat type?  Our red and white girl Betsy sheds hardly at all, while our tri-boy Fred is much more of a fur-factory.   Betsy has a very short, dense, smooth coat that is absolutely waterproof (she sheds dirt and water like a duck and looks and feels completely dry within minutes of a bath), while Fred has a much softer and more "open" coat that isn't waterproof at all (he doesn't shed grime very well and will stay damp for hours after a bath).  

maybe so,Remy is red and white, and the water does roll off of him, when i was bathing him it took a lot to get him wet, and he does dry fast, never use a blow-dryer on him, he can be kind of skidesh , going to post some more pictures of him soon,, he will be 11 months on the 7th of June,, his coat looks really good, considering he got a bath to often, and what are the pants ,, the furry fur on his back legs?, i just love all corgi's , i am thinking when he is older, maybe 2 or 3 years , i will get him a partner,,, he is a water dog, he love's playing in the water when i water the grass, thanks for the response ,, this has turned in to Corgi Face Book,, lololo

Yes, the pants are the trappings on the back of the legs.  

I was going to say the same thing.  Both of mine are heavily coated with big ruffs and pants.  But Jack has a harder outer coat and Maddie is much softer and fluffier (she's "fluff-factored";  carries one copy of the recessive fluffy gene).    Jack blows coat very heavily once a year for about a week or two and sheds only lightly the rest of the time.  Maddie has wafting balls of hair drifting off of her all the time. AND it picks up a static charge and sticks to everything.   Both shed dirt, but Jack sheds it more quickly than Maddie, and Jack repels water more than Maddie does.

Jack is red and white, Maddie is a RHT.  

hey there Geri, 

does Sidney seem to eat his food better with the Foxy Treats  skin and coat supp/??

He does! We've been out for a few days and he's been leaving some kibble behind in his dish!

Snickers does not shed much, but then she has very little undercoat, and hardly any pants- she is just shameless. I think she would be very cold if she had to live in Wales.


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