I've got a 10 week old who was great during his first few walks, but lately I've noticed he's not really determined to go anymore.  He lays on his stomach and refuses to move.  I noticed first he would do that when we walked away from my apartment, but when we walked towards our apartment, he would walk fine.  So I tried walking him in different directions and that worked for a little while... But then he would lie on his stomach and not move regardless of which direction!  I pick him up and move him to a different spot, but he does the same.  And recently, he has been lying down in the apartment as soon as I put the leash on him!  I do praise him/give him treats when he walks, but he literally takes 4-5 steps, then plops right down.  It was cute in the beginning but now it is a bit frustrating.  I feel like he really does not care for walking... But he does need to pee/poop when I take him out.

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Most puppies that young aren't going to want to walk. First, their little paw pads get sore til they toughen. Also, their instinct to stay near the den is strong and the instinct to roam and explore a larger territory has not yet developed.

You are best off carrying him to new places and putting him down and letting him explore. Put the leash on him every day and encourage him to move a little while wearing it, but don't expect much from walks for another couple weeks, or maybe closer to a month.

At least, that's my experience. :-)

I will definitely try that!

For now, I'm taking him out every 20 minutes or so until he does his business and not expecting walks from him.

You could try a short leash indoors on him, he can drag around while you're there and watching or playing so he doesn't become ingrained with the idea that the leash equals his sore pads. Helps in catching naughty puppy antics too lol

Seems pretty young for walks as mine was about the same at about 2 months +.

His need to explore his environment will probably kick in soon to be beyond the border of his domain.

I would keep him closer to one area, a grassy park to play ball or to bring him around bushes or trails where the smells might interest him to go further.


If he's anxious or cautious for now, it might be good to be careful if other dogs approaches him.

First of all, 10 weeks shouldn't walk too much... The surrounding is probably too overwhelming to he, especially if you are on a busy street.Maybe just start with playing with him outside and let him gain some confidence himself...If you REALLY want to walk him...try to use his favorite toy and make the walk very interesting and rewarding... KEEP IT SHORT at the beginning (5 mins), take him home before he loses the interests... Gradually, he will find walks are cool.

He is only 10 weeks!!! Take it easy on him and HAVE FUN!


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