They just leave, abandon, this beauty right in the vet clinic, he is 2 years old,pure breed tricolor. He looks sad, and kind of flaquito ( skinny) when I compare this picture to my Junos! I know the clinic is in Puerto Rico, and here the Corgis are not well known, people dont know about the glorious characteristics of them. My apartment is so tiny, that I can even dream of having another dog. I will leave the contact number here (787) 768-5800. He is not fix, and is describe as a good character, great heart hunny.

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Oh what an adorable boy - I hope he finds a loving home soon!
He looks so happy, how could anyone leave that smiling face?! Breaks my heart but unfortunately, lots of pets get abandoned at vet clinics. :(

I have a friend going to Puerto Rico from WA!  She said she might be able to bring him back....but I would need to pick him up at the airport and get him to a rescue!!!  So who wants to try this?



yes, what do we need to do?
Yea!!!!!! Hope you can work this out!!!!!!
Come on guys lets all pull together to get this little corg here.

I posted last night on my FB.  One of my vet techs is also perhaps...interested in adopting him!  I responded back to her to see if she truly was serious.  Once I hear back...this could be an easy deal.

Things I am waiting for or need to know:

Has the local PR rescues grabbed him yet?

Has he been neutered/vaccinated yet?

What do you need from us...I assume $'s to get this done?  If so how much?  (may pay for even if local rescue takes him)


When my friend is going to PR...exact dates...

Get airline set up

Get her to friends home...or if not...I will need a WA state corgi rescue or another rescue group in WA step up to the plate (this is really where I need help).


What else????  :)  LOL! 

Dee, sounds like you have asked all the right questions. Did you ask Fidencia for find out for us if he has been vaccinated/neutered yet? I would also be interested  in taking him. I'm located in CA.

JC & Dee, 


The original post said "he is not fixed", call the vet clinic (787) 768-5800 and talk to the person in charge.

I'm guessing they won't neuter him till someone takes 'ownership'?
From my experience, Vet Clinics will not perform any kind of surgery unless it is a pro bono situation. Shelter on the other hand usually requires a spay / neuter before adoption. if you are serious about this case, call the vet clinic directly.

I call the clinic, and they told me taht the only way they will give him in apodption is if he get neutered, wich is a $50.00 fee. They also like that the people interested in him will go a socialite a little. At least the people who is going to transport him.

You can write to, she got all the info since she is one of the rescuers.

I m out of the island, but will keep looking for this lovely guy, will be back on thusrday.




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