My 1 year old Toby has always been picky about what he eats and has a sensitive stomach. Well he was sick last weekend and I took him to the vet and they gave him a special Purina food diherea. It was can food and he loved it. They gave me four cans and said to give him that and then use his old food (BilJac) but he hasn't ate since I stopped using the Purina. I don't know if I should change his food or what. What do yall think?

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I would definetly change his food. Don't know if you have researched what is actually in dog food but its pretty scary. I did a report on it recently and not only do these companies put in what is left over at the meat packing companies that is not fit for human consumption but also put anitfreeze and euthanized animals not to mention many other terrible things. Go to Its a great site to help steer you in the direction of a more natural food. I fed my Maggie Wellness and have switched her to Blue Buffalo. Alot of the companies if you call them will send you free samples and coupons. Wellness has been wonderful about sending me any sample I wanted. They are a great company. They are great about answering your questions and can give you any information about the food that you purchase as in when its made, where the ingredients come from etc. I had to switch because my Jack Russell liked a different food (Blue) and Maggie will only eat the same food that Bailey eats. Hope that helps.
after I got my little guy it took me about a week to find a food that he would eat. I use Natural Balance it is natural and they have all kinds of formulas even for dogs with sensitive stomachs, What I usually do when a dog doesnt feel well is take lean ground turkey and fry it with some plain white rice, and mix it in with the regular dog food it does a couple of things the rice with help them stay hydrated and the turkey has enough protein but is not heavy, If they eat the mixture and they usually do I slowly back off the amount of rice and turkey mixture until they are back on their own food. Hope that gives you an easy alternative rather than have to run to the vets all the time


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