Hello everyone! I haven't used this site in way too long. I was thinking about it and decided to log in after literally years! I hope everyone is well.

We have had an exciting and difficult few years. We moved to a remote location in Northern Canada and I teach and we rescue stray dogs as well. That alone is a full time job but that is another story!

Mickey has IVDD and is now in a wheelchair. I just wanted to update and let you know how AMAZING he has done. He is such a good boy! 7 and a half years old and on fire! :)

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I did not realize I could add pictures right to the forum so I will do that instead :)

What a great photo!!!

Oh  my gosh, look at him go!  He looks like a very happy Corgi.   I am curious to see how our Madison will do in the snow with her cart.  It's been unseasonably mild here and we haven't had any yet.

He has done exceptionally well with his cart. It was all a bit of a whirlwind. One day he was running and walking, the next, he was completely paralyzed. We did do the surgery as well.

The snow can have some challenges. It has been mild here as well. The one of him running if this year and the other 2 with snow were from last winter when we had much more snow. I found his feet would cut open easy with the snow and ice but this year we haven't had any open sores at all.

I read that Maddie is now in a cart. I poked around the site and saw her and Mickey have the same one. The quality of the cart is great, isn't it? How long has Maddie been in a cart?  Mickey has been using his for 13 months. He had disc herniation at 6 years old...horrible!

She got it Labor Day weekend, so just under 4 months.   I'm sorry Mickey was still so young when he got hurt.  :-(     Maddie just turned 11 so it's a little different.   

Maddie drags so much behind that she needs boots.  We use Pawz, medium (blue).  She should wear the small, based on the package, but they are a little snug and they give her pressure sores.

Mickey uses those boots too! BUT I bought the red first...haha, way too small. He is a small corgi but big fat feet it seems :)

Because he "can" move his legs, he doesnt always drag but we live in a place with all dirt roads s I find the gravel can be a real pain. We finally, after a good year got his feet all healed up so hoping we can keep it that way for now. 

Maddie looks great for 11 and seems to like the wheels. I am so thankful Mickey took to them right away. Made the transition so much easier.

We love our Doggon Wheels Cart!  I forgot to respond to that part!  I really like that the saddle detaches and becomes a rear-end harness.  I also like the neoprene because we don't worry about her jamming herself on the saddle.  She has flipped it once or twice, but because the harness is soft and the top of the cart acts like rollbars on a Jeep, she doesn't get hurt.  Just confused!  We just smile and say "whoopsee" and put her right-side up and keep going so she doesn't think it's a big deal. 

Vet said to keep her feet down as long as she uses the legs at all to keep muscle tone.  If she stops moving them properly the cart has stirrups so we put them up.

Wonderful photos.  Looks like Mickey is enjoying life thanks to the little wheelchair.  Happy New Year.

Great pictures!  Mikey looks like he's enjoying life.  Because Zac's back feet really dragged I rigged up a couple of loops out of stretchy ace bandages and fastened to the back of his cart.  It was easy just to lift his legs up in them and he still could move his legs but not drag them on the ground.


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