I have had my corgi for 3 years , he's in and out all day and in at night and he s never had any accidents,He started   peeing inside recently ,went and got him checked and he has a bladder infection,I did his whole round of antibiotics but he's still peeing inside , its less but its still happening,They want to check for kidney stones?How could he even get kidney stones? healthy diet great exercise,?I hate to give him another round of meds and not sure if the vet realy knows whats going on ,or just guessing,He had one before 2 years ago ,and the only thing that's the same between than and now is the back yard has been real muddy because of rain? may sound odd but I m trying to figure out what the problem is without loads of meds any help would be great ? Anyone had this problem?

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hi my baylee has recurring infections she had bladder stones not kidney, they showed up in the xray, ended up having surgery to be removed and is on c/d hills scinece food nothing else to control the ph level of urine which plays into stones in her bladder. if you goggle bladder stones or kidney stones in dogs you will get tons of info on it....hope this helps. Then you will be able to ask vet questions about where to go from here.....sometimes the antibiotic isnt strong enough and you do need more but another urine test should be run to see if infection is still there before more antibiotics. Good luck Jeanne and Baylee

Be sure that you have thoroughly cleaned up all the spots he has peed on with an enzymatic cleaner. If he smells that he's peed there before, he'll pee there again. Sometimes it can take two rounds of meds to knock out a particularly bad infection, or even a different med depending upon the strain of bacteria causing the infection.

My Amelia had recurring utis and ended up having bladder stones, and had surgery. However, I do not think that my vet knew what he was doing because the problem came back only a few weeks after surgery. I ended up switching vets and we did a lot of testing on her urine. She did not have a bacterial infection, but crystals in her urethra. I switched her to a raw diet since she is extremely active and I do not like to feed hill's food. This seems to have managed the problem. I would test the urine again if I were you. I knew she had bladder stones because she had blood in her urine, it was bright red. Otherwise I would add more water to the diet which helps flush out the urethra. I also added a cranberry supplement which can help fend off bacteria.


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