We have finally met our new puppy. He is a gorgeous tri colored pembroke. We have all the toys for him, we have read all of the training books. The only thing we don't have is a name! I've thought about naming him Herky, after my university's mascot. But since we are moving to Spain, my fiance wants a name that his friends and family there can pronounce. His choice is Dexter. Which doesn't seem right to me.
I'm looking for a sort name. My cats are Mika and Maki, so I'd like something sort of like that.
I have a month before I can take him home.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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Procyon (Pro-see-un), Pro or Pro-see for short. Procyon is the bright star in Canis Minor, Orion's Little Dog, left of Orion above Sirius, the Dog Star in Canis Major, Orion's Big Dog. Sirius was our first corgi.
Why? Your dog has a mask, and Procyon also happens to be the be the genus name of the raccoons.
The Little Masked Dog. Risky though! Unless your dog is a blackheaded tri, the mask might go away.
You'd be looking at your dog's star every spring night in the most dramatic and beautiful part of the sky.
I like Miles or you could spell it Myles
So many good ideas! I'm not sure if I want another M name though. Maki is named after my favorite food, and mika is named after a singer. I need something I can incorporate into his registered name, which I have yet to pick :P. My dad had "Doc's Drake Retriever"(Golden)and now "Doc's Wigeon Retriever"(Lab) I thought about going along that line. But I'm also not a Doc :P. Amanda's frisbee fetcher?? lol See this is why I need help!
Spain? Why not give him a name they use in spain? Here is a link of male spanish names (spain) and their meanings.
Hope this helps. There are some pretty interesing ones. Good Luck. Hugs.
Saki or Sake would be a good name, similar to Maki and in the same theme. My fiance's firts dog has this name, but he doesn't live with us.
Also Suki would be nice, means like, love in Japanese. I didn't name my pup Suki because it sounds funny for Russians ( I am one).
We wanted to name our pup Hoshi, it means a star or Usagi, which is bunny. Sounds kinda funny tho.
Have you thought of Sushi?
Rudi was one of my pup name ideas, I really like it, but my fiance doesn't. So we ended up naming him Shiro
RAMBO! ^_^
Call him Falcon. Since the Falcons are gone, you could preserve the name.
Ricki!! Like from the I Love Lucy show, he was spanish ;) and it sounds like your cat names
Ralphie sounds good. Gachimya (heh can't spell it its Japanese for greedy/always hungry/loves to eat ie corgis!)

I suppose it really depends on what your interests are. Favorite books, cartoons, movies....I was going to name my next corgi after an ewok from Star wars! I had to google it as I haven't seen Starwars in a while and I haven't made it that far in the series (please don't hate me Star Wars fans!)

Good luck in the naming!


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