I was hoping some of you on here could offer me some advice on helping keep stray cats out of my yard.  There are a few cats that roam my neighborhood and have decided that part of my front yard and back yard is a litter box. Initially this didn't bother me until Skyler started digging wherever they would defecate and attempt to eat their poo!  While I now stand outside in my backyard when I let him out to ensure he doesn't eat any, he'll still try and root around for any stray cat poopies until I correct his behavior.


We tried sprinkling cat repellent purchased from Home Deport on the areas the cats liked but that had no affect.  We then put chicken wire down on the grown where the cats used the most and this weekend, as though they were so upset at us, pooped right by our back door and urinated on our lawn furniture!  There were flies everywhere...  :-(


Animal control told me to set out traps, place a can of tuna fish in it, and then bring the cat(s) in to them.  So for the past two days we've done this but the cat has completely avoided the trap and this morning pooped right next to it.  Someone in our neighborhood is probably feeding the cat hence why they're sticking around...  Any advise would be great!

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Thanks for the articles.  I'm gonna try a few of these ideas.  Maybe I need to add more chicken wire and invest in the scarecrow for the backyard...
I unfortunately have no advice because we have neighborhood cats that poop in our front yard and Noodles considers it a treat. That means watching him like a hawk and when he finds it, I go and clean it up. We actually had a mother cat and 4 kittens in our backyard for the past 3.5 months. Mom ran away last Tuesday and I just captured the kittens on Sunday and took them out to my brother and sister-in-law's house (they have 9 acres). I'm sad to see the kittens go, but it will be nice to clean up my backyard from them and allow Noodles to play out there again. I was trying to get places to help me with the cats and every place said I would need to pay to rent the trap and pay to get them all fixed. I couldn't believe it because they weren't my cats...they found a hole in my fence and moved in. Very frustrating if you ask me. If you figure out a way to prevent them from pooping in your yard, let me know. I don't like my yard being their litter box!
Hmmm...  I was thinking about picking up sardines tonight to put out.  A different container?  Should I put it like just on the ground or in a plastic bowl instead of the tin can?
I am experiencing the same issue!! Cash seems to be eating poo also!! It makes me so mad! My city said there is nothing they can do since there are no "laws" on stray cats! My elderly neighbor feeds stays so now she has bout 10 cats and several with babies!!!! I don't dislike cats but would prefer they go somewhere else!!!  UGGGGGG
Oh thats awful!!!  I have no idea if my neighbor is feeding them but I know that further down my street there is a high school girl who puts cat food out on the side walk.  I haven't seen the cats that prowl my home eating it, but I'm sure they probably do.  >_<  And I love all animals so I feel horrible trying to chase them out but I can't have Sky eating cat poo.

I know....right!!!! I brush Cash's teeth all the time because of it!! One morning...I let them out really early and several cats/kitten were sleeping on my bench and rockers! Lord have mercy.....that about woke all the neighbors up!! I'm like you....I love animals...but these cats are making my yard "stink" and have ruined several porch pillows!!  Sincerely......distressed in Mississippi!!  LOL

There was success in catching a cat culprit this morning!  I had placed two sardines instead of tuna in the trap and awoke to a cat in the cage.  Surprisingly it was neither of the two cats that I suspected but another cat that I recently began seeing around the area.  My husband is bringing it into the County Animal Control today...  I feel sort of relieved but sad at the same time.  I hope that this was the only cat culprit, I don't think I can handle catching more stray cats.
I completely understand. It broke my heart catching the kittens. We had a crate from when Noodles was a puppy and 2 walked right in there, but the other two had to be caught using the live trap. It made such a huge difference because the 2 caught in the crate were perfectly fine, but the 2 caught in the live trap were so scared. I'm just glad they have a place to live, my 3 nephews will adore them (once the kittens come out from hiding) and Noodles has his back yard back. It is still sad not seeing their little faces in the morning though.
Oh goodness, I feel like this whole situation is making me a crazy hypocrite!  :-(  I'm glad you were able to find the kittens a home though!  If there were kittens in my backyard I'd have a terrible time having to catch them!
One thing I will say is that I left both the crate and the live trap in my backyard for a while. The kittens thought they were fun items to climb on top of, so when it came time to trap them, they weren't afraid of the traps and they walked right inside them. I only had 1 out of the 4 kittens who was afraid of humans and so I had to actually set the live trap on that one. The 2 in the crate, I just threw food inside, they walked right in and I closed the door. One of the ones with the live trap, I put food in there, but I held the door open and he walked right in and then I closed the door (after tucking his tail inside because I didn't want it to get caught in the door). I will admit that I fed them because I knew where they were going and they needed to be older before I took them out to my brother's house. If I didn't have a place lined up for them, my only choice was to either allow them to be euthanized (that is what all 3 places told me they would end up doing because the kittens were born in the wild) or block them out of my backyard and possibly have them starve to death. There was no way I was going to let that happen...darn me for being an animal person. Good luck and give the cats time to get used to the trap(s).

Give the traps time.  Animals approach new things warily.  It does seem harsh, but feral cats are a real nuisance and cause significant songbird mortality.


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