I apologize if this discussion is available elsewhere...I have recently started losing my eyesight and things are a bit hard to look up for me now...

I was asked to help put together a meet up for our area.  Do anyone have any useful tips for a very informal corgi meet up?  Anything I should keep in mind?  I have never tried anything like tghis, beyond my high school mall scavenger hunts about 20 some odd years ago.  Any tips would be appreciated.  I have to try to get this together pretty quickly...

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Sorry I don't have any "helpful" tips but maybe you can read on some on the other meet-up's?  Find a nice park and ask others for there help too?


I sure hope this works even if it's just a few....would love to see pics so make sure you take plenty:)

I actually re-broke my leg a few weeks ago, so I am still wheelchair bound.  I am hoping that even IF I can get this going...that I can actually go.  Otherwise I;ll send my mom with the camera!  I am looking into some parks...

Oh, Joanna, sorry to hear that....thinking of you!!! 

Thanks for that.  Between the leg and the transplant, things have been pretty miserable.  Hopefully, some corgis can only help!


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