My husband and I are looking to expand our family with a furry baby. We have completely fallen in love with corgi's and have our heart set on a tri-color pembroke but really want to allow our baby to keep their natural tail. We have contacted about 10 breeders on the east coast with no luck so far each one responding with a resounding no like we're being rude to even ask. We know other countries have banned docking and starting showing corgi's with their tails so have been kind of shocked at the responses we've been getting. We're willing to make a deposit to set aside a pup or whatever. We have found one breeder in Iowa that says she doesn't dock tails, but she doesn't do any health checks either and seems to have breed her dogs three times in one year and that makes us very nervous. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks so much!

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Agreed, it's so essential to making sure both the puppy and the family have happy lives together.

Check with Jane Christensen, I think she'll keep the tails on for you...

Thanks I'm in contact with Jane! 

When I was doing intense puppy searching, I had a sable male with a full white collar and a big bushy tail in mind and I really liked this breeder in particular... She seemed wonderful and told me that when I was to get a puppy, let her know, and she'd let me know when a puppy that matched my criteria popped up (since her pups are born with tails, she really would have just had to wait for a sable male with the full white collar lol, but she did in fact agree to leave a tail on for me)!

Anyhow, hope this helps :P

Do you have your heart set on a puppy or would you be open to a rescue dog?

Since this is our first dog as adults we do have our heart set on a puppy but in the future would rescue
Thanks everyone for the great advice and encouragement! We found a couple breeders that seem responsible and take care of their dogs who are willing to allow a tail. Both from MN actually. We're hoping one had a litter we could choose from at the end of May so it won't be too long! So excited!

Happy for, you! Gives you time to prepare, you won't have much free time once you get the new puppy :-D

Any idea who the father is???? Just curious. Congrats.

Thanks Jane! I think the father is nemo at it's corgi's. I found some people in here that have had puppies from there and haven't had any complaints. So excited!

I just met Nemo a couple weeks ago:) I thought maybe you were going with Sandy's Corgis...

DOn't be too set on coat color.  ALthough the tris are gorgeous -- we have two -- a light fawn color is an advantage in hot summer sun.  Those black backs get HOT.  Our Chillybuddy cooling vests are not just photo props; the dogs wilt in summer sun above timberline, and heat stroke is a real concern.  The only time I have to wait for them is in summer sun, and I often bury them in mountain snow (a pupsicle).

We tried to find an undocked Pem too, and gave up.  In the U.S., I think most "serious" breeders will be docking tails, and they can't "set one aside for you" because they will be choosing which to show long after the docking window; also, they may decide which pup to give to which home based on their assessments of the pups' personalities (we did not get to choose Al -- the breeder chose him for us).


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