Hello All,

I have recently got my first puppy. Gabby is now 4 months old and we've had her for 2 months. She is very smart and knows basic commands and tricks. She is enrolled in puppy classes for socialization and she also has an older sister, a 9-year old golden.

My only issue with Gabby is her aloofness and lack of emotions towards us. She is NEVER happy to see us, she rarely wags her tail when we come home. Whenever, we sit in the living room, she just goes into another room and sits by herself. I am so frustrated and heart broken, since I've always wanted a companion dog.

Gabby does not like attention (at least she does not seek it) and does not like to be petted. Here is what we do on daily basis: Gabby gets up at 6:30 I take her out, hand feed her, play with her and then leave for work. I come home for lunch around 11, and we spend an hour together playing and going outside. When I return home from work, we go for an hour long walk to the lake where she can run off the leash. When we come home, we play, eat, and  Gabby chews on her toys. When she is tired, she simply gets up and goes somewhere else. Also, every week we go for puppy classes.

She is super friendly with strangers and other dogs but not with me. Could you offer some advice? Will she change as she gets older? I don't care if she is independent, all I want her is to have at least some affection towards me.

Thank you!

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We should have a "like" button for comments. That's so good!!

I am happy to report that Gabby has become a love bug. She has changed tremendously over the last 2 months. She is almost 9 months now and she is very curious playful and loving corgi!

Yay! Glad to hear this.

Dogs are strange, aren't they? :-)


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