Hi. I was wondering if you could give me a hand with my dog´s behavior.

He is a year and half and doesn´t obey a single command, if you call him he may or may not come, if you chastise him for something he will growl at you and raise his hackles, he has even tried to bite my parents a couple of times and he bit my 4 year old niece last Easter (ever since that incident we can´t leave him alone with my nieces, he might be playing with them just fine and then start growling at them).

Also he is afraid of loud noises, I can´t even take him out for a walk anymore, even light traffic sounds will scare him so that he turns around and starts pulling like crazy back home; he is specially afraid of thunder, it terrifies him. What´s odd is that he wasn´t afraid when he was younger, I was able to take him for walks just fine, he wasn´t scared at all. I don´t know when his fear started, my aunt says it was probably when my dad kicked him (he flew about 3 feet) off my niece´s foot.

He also drives us nuts with his constant barking. The phone rings? He barks. Someone rings the doorbell? He barks like crazy. My grandmothers calls for my mom using her bell? Off he goes (and follows my mom out and bites at her ankles for good measure -he never did stop his nibbling/herding instinct-).

He also drives the cat crazy, he licks her up and down (he is specially fond of her butt) and chases her, and whenever he gets a chance he´ll eat her poo (and even lick her pee).Having someone train him is unfortunately out of the question, I cannot afford it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Gonna go ahead and leave this on the main part of the thread as well...

There are tons of training resources online.  One source I really like is the Kikopup channel on Youtube:

Intro To Clicker Training:

Teaching Calmness:

Teaching Sit-Stay:

I also love this page: - has several basic videos, such as sit, down, and stay, teaching the dog his name, charging the clicker, etc.

I taught Shippo everything he knows with the clicker.  Hopefully this will help you to teach your dog some useful commands.

A little late on this thread, but my 2 cents worth. We had this same dog as a one year old. She was something else! In order to keep her, we had to get help, which we did. The "behaviorist" that we went to was incredible. The dog wasn't the problem, it was us! She was our first dog (and so many have told us since that a corgi would not be their first choice as a first dog). I remember driving home the first night we met with the "behaviorist" saying "this isn't fun...I thought it was suppose to be fun having a dog". Well, once we put things in place along w/ NILF, she became a reward and we ended up re-homing another corgi boy. They are great now, but it is always a work in progress for these corgis! They are smart! They need a job and exercise regularly every day. You mentioned being scared of walks. I remember our girl was terrified of sewers and manhole covers. My wife worked on this with her on their walks and having "happy time" whenever the approached one. It took about 3 walks to make her aware that they were nothing to be afraid of. She will try and look down the sewer now and stomp on those manhole covers as she walks over them!

The job we found for her was agility. She absolutely loves it and earned her USDAA ADCH (Agility Dog Champion) last October and working to get her AKC MACH title this year. They have already qualified for USDAA Nationals this October. Don't give up, but it is not the dogs fault!

@ Stolimom... That is awesome that you have come so far with your pup in agility. That is quite an accomplishment , coming from not knowing how to work with her all the way to ADCH. Great job! If you ever take any videos of her runs, please share. :)


 You can go to youtube.com and search "Pembroke welsh corgi Bella National Steeplechase" and you can see them. I haven't posted in a while, so this is from the 2013 Nationals. Much better now, but always a work in progress! A little brag...for USDAA in 2014, in two events Bella trials in, she was the #1 PWC in the country and #2 in two others. They have come a long way!

Wow!  That is awesome.  Perfectly clean run!!!  Congrats on your brags too!  Keep up the great work!


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