Now that i will be picking up my pup in less then two weeks i wanted to look into a few things but I'm not really finding a definitive answer online, so i figured i would just ask.

Question number one: Its a topic that seems to be hitting a lot of debate lately, "Does the activity that stimulates the act encourage said act in other situations." By that i am referring to the herd ball of course, i am curious if letting her herd a ball will reduce her wanting to herd us or increase it.

I had looked up the herd balls and found a nice review by John Wolf on a lot of different balls and i found the boomer balls. So i think later on i want to get some of those if she starts with the nipping. I kind of expect she would, just because she comes from a fairly long line of working dogs that herd on the ranch they were born on.

Question number two: I would be very interested in opinions people have for the perfect corgi harness. One of the areas she will be at is in front of my girl friends apartment (cant bring dogs inside though sadly.) The area has a large open lawn that goes from flat to hilly all over with a nice small playground between the two buildings. The problem is that just past her parking lot is the busiest road in all of Cheyenne. People drive down that thing like they are crazy, hell about a month ago some one was hit and killed right in front of her building.

So i want to find a good harness that she wont be able to get out of, I'm not so much interested in brand names as much as style. I had read a post on here where the harness was rubbing their dogs armpits raw, does that happen very often? If so what exactly is the reason behind it? Straps too big or small, too tight?

Anyway thanks for any info you guys have to offer.

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Regarding your first question, giving a positive outlet for hardwired behaviors should not increase them. After all, working herding dogs don't obsessively herd everything in sight. The lack of an outlet is more likely to cause unwanted behaviors.

Corky loved to herd a ball around the yard.  Butler and Redford won't have anything to do with it.  I didn't spend a lot of money-I got a cheap basketball from WalMart.  Go cheap just in case they don't want to play with it.  Just keep an eye on it so if it pops, the puppy doesn't eat it.

The local flyball team here uses Premier Sure Fit harnesses. It is not a easy walking harness and may encourage pulling, but once fit right, shouldn't rub or be uncomfortable. Perhaps a local independent pet store or trainer could help you have it fit. 

There is actually a dog sport herding exercise balls. It is called trieball and is just starting in the US. Becca and I took a workshop on it over the summer. It takes a lot of ground work before you start using the balls. The youtube videos I've watched are amazing.

For your second question, it sounds like the pup would be spending time tied up outside. I would look into an xpen. They fold up (mine came with a carry case) and can be fastened to the ground (like tent pegs). You can even get covers. Might be nicer for the pup.

Oh no she wont be tied up outside or anything, just on a leash while we visit my girl friend since she cant go inside. I don't intend to leave her tied up anywhere really; i want her well socialized with my girl friend but most of that will be done at her parents house where they have a fenced in yard and a "workshop." But i have a feeling we will end up spending more time out front of her apartment just for convenience then at her parents (which is across town.)

As for the ball, i do think i will pick one up, just something cheap to start with. I don't know if i would want to go through the effort to teach her the trieball game but i think it could easily be made into a fun game of fetch for us. Roll it or toss it out a ways and have her herd it back to us.

Anyway thanks for the info, i want to give our local pet supply store a call on a harness (petco i believe) its really all we have here as once petco opened up it pretty much condemned all the local Ma and Pa type pet stores in the area. The only other ones we have locally are a couple ranch supply stores, but they mostly carry assorted animal feeds. If nothing else maybe a local vet would know of a something i can use or even make myself that would work better. I was kind of thinking woven twine (hay bale twine) might work well if its done right but i don't know if it would be strong enough.

By the way for those interested, here are a couple pictures of her and her sister, whom i will be helping to transport to her new owner. They live quite a ways from the breeder so we made arrangements to help get her down here. (First two are of Azura (my pup) and the last is Molly, i love that half ear cock she has going in the picture)



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