Hi everyone! Hades is now 4.5 months old and when she came home to us, she was semi-potty trained. Her breeder had the puppies pee on towels, so she sort of knew what a pee pad was. She had no problems in the beginning. We even took her to my boyfriend's family's house, and she used the dog's pee pad there.

Since then, we have been weening her off the peed pad and we've been taking her outside with our other dog. We give her treats, too! 

My problem now is that she has decided to pee/poop wherever she wants. I take her outside, give her plenty of time, but then when she's back inside, she poops on the floor 10 minutes later. Has anyone ever encountered this problem? If so, what are your tips for this type of behavior? :/

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It is really really really hard to break a pup from using potty pads. One of the best things you can try is to take the potty pad outside and bring her out there and have her use it outside. You can gradually decrease the size of the potty pad by folding or cutting it until she is peeing on the ground. This can take several months to accomplish. Restrict her activity until she is fully potty trained and if you take her outside and she doesn't go potty, put her in a crate or lock her in the kitchen, etc and then take her out again 10 minutes later. Make sure to use a phrase like "go potty" as she is going so she eventually learn what that command means. When you take her out keep her on a leash until she goes potty and once she does give her lots and lots of praise. Good luck
thank you, Melissa and Franklin :] she pees on the ground, but she's been off lately. I will definitely follow your advice about locking her up and having her learn the commands. I think I've been too lenient with her over the past few weeks, but will get back to being a strict trainer! Definitely hoping for the best right now with her. Thank you again :D
I would just go back to square one. Keep her in your sight at all times, if you can't watch her she goes in an xpen or her crate. 100% supervision so she can't sneak off to potty in the house.
Thank you for your response! Guess it's back to square one then! Wish me luck :]] !


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