How active should I keep my corgi throughout the day?

New dog owner here, so I am not very sure about how active I should keep my corgi.

I work from home 2-3 days a week.

I take the pup out for a 30 min walk in the morning around 7am and then another 30 min walk around 6pm when I finish up my work.

But between those 2 walks, I'm at my desk working, and the pup is usually just laying near me, sleeping or hanging out. He has not been interested in any of the toys I have bought for him.

Are the 2 walks enough to keep him stimulated and well exercised? Or is there something more I need to be doing throughout the day?


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Sounds like lots of exercise! Yes, Kong will be your best friend, stuff it with peanut butter and a few treats, put it in the freezer for 15 minutes and your baby will be entertained for a very long time haha!

How old is your pup? Becca is 11 months and gets a mile+ walk at 6am, 4pm, and 8pm. Time wise the walks would be about 30 minutes each. We also play in the yard or inside. Some days it is enough and others she could almost climb the walls. I have been keeping her enrolled in a class. Keeping her brain busy between the classes and "homework" is important.

If your pup seems satisfied with it, then it is enough. If he has way too much energy then add some. Try to find a class, obedience or just something fun to engage his brain.

He is 2. Thanks for the class suggestion!

It really depends on the dog, but that would be enough to keep my two happy. He may increase his activity level a bit once he's more settled in and comfortable with you.

Hi Ronny, it really depends on his personality, give it one month, you'll have a better handle on his true self, by their he should get over initial shell shock and grow more accustom to the new house and rules, if he is still restless by then, amp up your daily walk. Good luck!

You're on almost exactly the same schedule I am with Jake.  He does pretty well with it, but does like to play at night after I've gotten home from work and also on weekend days.

The proof is in the pudding: if he's happy and calm as you describe, that's perfect.  If you see him getting into everything, you'll know his energy level has gone up and need for exercise and stimulation have increased.


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