Hi all! Pancake has had his ears taped for about 4 days now and I was going to redo it, but I can't seem to get the tape off. I can tell it really hurts him when I try to remove it cause he cries, but I have no idea how else to get it off. Is there a method? All the ear taping tutorials I have seen don't mention removing it. I used masking tape by the way. 



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Try rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

That stuff should not hurt the dog at all when being removed, particularly after 4 days when it should be stiff and easy to peel off. Are you sure he's not just making cinematics so you won't fuss with his ears? Ace had to have the really solid stuff taped to his ears, and the really sticky bits did not hurt him at all even when I had to really hunker down and peel them back.

Hi Justin, next time use painters tape (BLUE). To get the tape off, soake and wet the tape with water, don't get any water into the ear canal.

I eventually got it off. I could see it pulling hair out when I was trying to take it off before. I just ended up taking him to the bath and soaping up his ears with his dog shampoo. It came off a lot easier. Nothing else was working, but it came off without ripping his fur which was good. If I have to do it again I will be sure to get painters tape. 

Also another question. How much are Corgi ears supposed to stay up? It is like an all the time kinda thing or does it vary. When he is happy or excited they stand up, but when he is sad they go down. I don't want to have to tape them again but I want his ears to stay strong. 



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