I'm currently going through my pregnancy and I'm just wondering how does a corgi react to a tiny new comer A.K.A the baby in the family? I'm sure some people here have gone through this moment and a few sharing will be very useful for me :)

Is there anything that I should pay attention at? I will try to make sure that she won't get too jealous.. as my corgi used to be the baby in the family ^^ spoiled.. but so far she never reacts aggressive towards my nephew or niece when they come over.. just the fact that she's quite big (at least for 4-5 years old kids) and she likes to welcome them very well. But I don't think Molly has ever met a baby before..

Any suggestions? cheers ^^

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I just recently went through the same situation. We got our Corgi when i was already pregnant, then when I was put on bedrest towards the end of the nine months, he was my cuddle buddy in bed. So he got really spoiled really fast, and he still is. But amazingly, even though he had never even seen a baby before it was like he somehow knew when we brought her home that she was our new baby, and he was her big brother. He was always so careful with her and attentive. I made sure he still got the attention he needed and was used to, but he really did seem to sense to baby was new and helpless and needed more than him. I dont know if thats a breed-wide trait, or if he was jut extraordinariloy good. We raised him from weeks, so i also think how he he was raised at the critical personality developing times will definitely matter too. I always let him check out all the new baby stuff and never kept him out of the babys room while we were preparing. The day we came home with the baby I greeted our dog like I always did, then set down the car seat so he could smell it with her in it. I think it really helps not to over react if he was smelling her in her bouncer, or checking her out in my lap. Just let him do it, the baby isnt going to catch anything from him, as long as you know he wont snap, i think it is very important to let your dog know he's still loved and that this new little person isnt off limits and going to make his life hell. Our daughter is 8 and a half months old now and he's still amazing with her. He cuddles her when she's sleepy as you can see. If you have any questions feel free to email me! Congratulations and good luck!

What a wonderful picture! Your corgi is very sweet :) your baby girl is even sweeter ^^


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