...start looking for upcoming litters or contacting breeders?

I am ideally planning on getting a corgi puppy at the end of next summer, though I realize that the right puppy from a good breeder won't come on my schedule.  I have been reading plenty about what to ask breeders, what they might ask me, and the types of preparations I will have to make in my home before a corgi puppy comes, but I have not been able to find information about how far in advance to start the search. 

Also, it seems that people often reserve puppies before or right after birth.  Is this how all breeders work, or do some breeders keep a queue of potential owners, but let you meet and choose puppies based on personality matches?  I was able to choose my previous dogs in person, but I knew the owners and helped take care of the litters, so I imagine that isn't a standard process.

Thanks for any wisdom.  I'm trying to prepare myself as well as I can to prevent any surprises or hurdles I could have otherwise avoided.

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The breeder we have worked with keeps lists of potential future families of her puppies and if there is a specific request for say a tri, a red/white, male, female, etc., she will note that, too. 

You likely have already decided on the purchase of your new Corgi.  Our breeder does have one female tri left at this time and my guess is she will have another litter or two this summer as she has quite a few Corgis in her breeding stock.  Her puppies are wonderfully socialized as she keeps the litters in her house.  They are usually planned out to allow her maximum time with them, etc. 

She also ships and has Corgi puppies currently living all around the country.  On her Facebook page I have seen posts from families with her dogs in California, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Texas all around the USA. Photos of some even in the Caribbean Islands. Her website is http://www.home.earthlink.net/~lkfortin/  and she has a link on there to her Facebook page where families with her puppies often post.

I'm looking to get a puppy at the end of the summer as well. I started in feb, know that since I had such a specific time period I would need to start early and wouldn't be able to wait till last min. Tried contacting 8 different breeders, 4 never responded back 2 won't have a litter available at that time. 1 knows another breeder that might have a litter and only one breeder actually has a litter. It's been a stressful few months and I hear all the stories of waiting a year. I hope I don't have to wait that long but if I do I know it was ment to be.

we started early, and ultimately it took a full year from our first breeder meeting (who ended up being our final choice for breeder) and bringing our corgi home (february-to-february, but he was born in november). it was totally worth the wait, and then some! also, the timing ended p working out for us perfectly.

some breeders it's best if you call vs. e-mail. there are a lot that are not quite internet savvy, yet, you know?

If you have a specific date, I'd start looking now. You can always talk with the breeder and work something out. Also, the less picky you are(ex you don't care if she/he is red or tri)  the more likely you are going to get one sooner. I just wanted a cute little corgi, because of that I didn't really have any specifics I wanted. Because of that I was able to get Teagen because no one else on the list wanted a tri/female. I have to say it was their loss, Teagen was the cutest and most amazing in the whole litter. (and i'm not being biased at all :P) 


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