I spent some time thinking this evening and realized just how lucky we are to have Sam, My Corgi and personally a stellar volunteer for Sunshine Corgi Rescue. I have been on many corgi lists through the years and have to say that Sam has managed to bring many people together who can share fun stories, advice, great pictures and meet new people. I can honestly tell you that I have yet to see any other list that is so welcoming to people from the new puppy buyer to the one that has had corgis for years and willing kind information.
The web site is unmatched by any and gives everyone the opportunity to use technology at its finest. I know you will all join me in letting Sam know just how much we appreciate his efforts to offer such a grand opportunity for many corgi owners to gather.
Sam has been a great supporter of Corgi Rescue at the state and national level. His heart is truly in it for the corgis.
Thank you Sam for all the efforts you have put in to make this list a reality. Thank you for your kindness to rescue. Thank you for being a wonderful volunteer to Sunshine. You are the best!

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I agree whole heartily :) I have loved this site from the beginning and we would not have Charlie if it wasn't for it.

Thank you Sam for starting and keeping up with this project. A rare feat for the internet ;).
Thanks Sam for all you do, this site is awesome!!!! I really enjoy this site. I dont think we can say Thank You enough for all that you do!!!!! :)
Thank you Sam and Silvia!!!!!
I could not agree more! This site is fun and informative, filled with people that love corgis and I love it. Thanks Sam!
here here!
Hip Hip Horray!!
I've only been a member for a few months, and just love it. As a first time corgi owner, I've learned a great deal from this site.
Two paws up for Sam, and the whole MyCorgi team!
Couldn't have said it better myself. It's so great to have a place to go to with questions about our corgis, knowing that the people on this site will offer up their knowledge and experiences to help a first time corgi owner like myself. It's also nice seeing people who truly love the breed and do so much to help with rescues and corgis everywhere. Thanks to everyone who makes it happen!

I appreciate what you (both of you) have done to further the cause of "corgidom". Your hard work and efforts benefit both corgi breeds, their owners, and those interested in the breed, but more importantly corgi rescue. Without the hard work you do every day, corgwyn and those who love them would be much worse off.



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