poor teddy is having runny yellow poos all day and i have a feeling its my fault. for the past 2days its been so busy teddy has pretty much been in kennal for long periods of  time, not by choice but we had some major problems going on with our pay and our house. we gave him toys and kongs before we left.

 so thats the big part. another is last night to make it up to him i gave him a cow knee bone that i just bought and he ate quit a bit of it and it was about 9pm. in the back of my mind i knew it wasnt a good idea but i felt bad. well now he has really bad yellow runny poos. this morning he had to go so bad he was screaming in his kennal. mind u even as a pup i haven ever heard even a peep from him. i gave him 2table spoons of canned pumpkin and it helped a little but now i know that for the next 2-3 days if the runny poos arnt better in the morning i wll be feeding him boiled chicken and rice. but how much do i give him? hes 26pounds

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thank you:) i am happy hes doing better too. he sure did love his breakfast! lol i hope to start his kibble tomorrow but either way i dont think he will mind


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