Hi all! So last night a friend gave Ein a chicken chew treat. She ate it up (of course), but this morning had a bit of the runs. And now the farts have started. Oh god. Ugh. So, other than throwing out those treats (done!) any suggestions to get the tummy back on track and cut out the farts? My nose will thank you!

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Clothespin for your nose:)

I've noticed with my Ein that a change in treats whill cause some gas, but will be gone in a day. Her system likes to adjust to things. I've also noticed that grains cause herto be really gassy. When we got her she was on a grain based dry food and was gassy! We switched her to an all grain free diet (accept the occasional treat with oat flour in it) and it's made a world of difference with the farts!!

Just wait out the day, I think I can handle that! Heh. Yes, my girl is on a grain-free diet as well. More for me than her - I can't tolerate gluten and found I was contaminating myself by having her grain-filled treats in every coat pocket. Dog treat crumbs on hands, accidentally touch face, then I am the tummy-troubled person!


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