I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for supplements or things I could do to ease Baden's joint/hip pain? I currently give him a supplement recommended by the vet, salmon oil, joint pill, turmic, bone broth, and a mushroom supplement. He is also at a healthy weight :)

Baden is now showing his age at 8. He is still very active and always up for a fun filled adventure or playing fetch. His arthritis is really starting to take a toll and my vet basically said its best to continue being active with lots of breaks with limited fetch time rather than stopping all together. Baden is the first senior pet I have had and I just want to be sure im doing all that I can for him. My vet said his arthritis resides mainly in his knees and hips so sometimes his backend can get a bit wobbly.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations please feel free to comment :)

***also please note I am currently stationed in Okinawa so hemp or CBD oil can NOT be shipped here unfortunately*** 

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I gave Noodles a senior joint supplement that had glucosamine in it. He eventually was put on Carprofen for his arthritis. I can't believe Baden is 8!

Thank you Alison :) 

I truthfully, cant believe he is 8 either! lol I feel like time flew by and when the vet told me he had arthritis I was stunned but quickly realized that Baden is getting older. He just never showed signs of slowing down until now

Glycoflex 3 is excellent. It has greatly improved the mobility of my senior corgis.


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