i dont know if i am just over reacting or what but this had been the source of out arguments and its driving me insane!!

ok, as u know we have two dogs teddy and snoopy. teddy(corgi)  is a super well behaved dog with no problems what so ever. he loves when kids hug/kiss him hes laid back. never barks, is always friendly to EVERYONE and just loves other dogs. and is laid back but is so very fun to play with, hes wonderful....

snoopy(dachshund)  on the other hand was the puppy from h*ll no joke!! but now he is 8months, i have worked really hard to get him to like it when people pet him or even look at him for that matter lol he use to absolutely hated other dogs but now after 8months we finally have a break through! he is horrible on the leach, chews up his harness, collar, bed, pants, clothes, and blankets.... i trying to make is so they dont jump is impossible when u have a hubby who is always rewarding bad behavior, he praises when they jump, etc.

and he is always favoring snoopy like when we go for walks and snoopy barks or looks cute he just says 'aw its ok' and then he thinks its ok to bark at other people when they walk by. he has never once said "aww look at teddy" its always snoopy...he gives treats for no reason to snoopy but never teddy. when we got to the beach he plays with him and never teddy, he just pushes him away when ever teddy even comes up to him for attention. and here the cake topper, he makes fun of him for every thing. he calls him fat boy and retard and says "he isnt even a real dog, he dosnt run to chase a ball" and its like ya, cuz u throw it and snoopy get to it faster. but his excuse is that teddy is to fat. and he isnt at all....

idk guys, sorry for ranting but it upsetting when  he does this. snoopy in reality is not a "good dog" even though i have worked really super hard since we got him... 

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i have tried to talk to him but he will still call him names, teddy dosnt notice that my hubby does that to him but it still hurts to see my baby be treated like that. i personally think that "designer breeds" r mutts, im not trying to sound mean or anything. but corgis r the cutest dogs in the world!! :D
I agree. When I was growing up "designer dogs" were called "heinz 57" lol. But really doesn't matter what dog anybody has, as long as you love your dog. People have been telling me Frosty is ugly since I got him, and I think he is the most gorgeous thing on the planet! I think everybody who doesn't have a corgi to love them best is just jealous of all of us that do.
Oh goodness, where to start. First of all to make you feel better, I will tell you that Dachshunds, as cute and as much as I love them, are little instigators and need all the attention they can get. My dad has a dachshund named Cuddy and as sweet as he is to most people, he gets really snarky to Copper and purposely eats in front of Copper while staring him down. Cuddy has a bone that he has had for 3 years (plastic nylabone) that he has never touched until Copper starts to play with it. He then gets mean and snappy and won't let Copper near it. Cuddy has just recently been getting snappy with other people. Literally a half hour ago, my boyfriend's little brother walked into my dad's house (he is friends with my little brother and we live right next door to my dad) and cuddy tried to bite him. He has seen and played my Jeremy (my bf's little brother) a bunch of times and now he has to be nasty? If Copper is getting attention more than Cuddy, Cuddy has to get in your face or he bites Copper. Now, onto the man part of things. Guys are ridiculous. I saw a pic of your corgi, so cute by the way.... and he is not fat AT ALL. People don't realize that corgi's are nothing but muscle which makes them look bulky. Sometimes you cannot see all the muscle because of all of their fur. Me and my boyfriend fight over the way he snaps at Copper sometimes which is totally unnecessary and then he says "All you care about is the dog!" Well when you are being mean for no reason, who else is going to stick up for him. I would sit your hubby down and try to make him see things from your perspective. If he can't, start favoring Teddy over the both of them. That normally gets their attention. lol
o wow, my dachshund does the same thing. its amazing how they r lol i cant have bones in the house unless they each have one and they r both chewing it, other wise there is a stare down! they r snappy and not the friendliest dogs to have. i have finally gotten him to where he can be petted by kids and see other dogs with out flipping but still, aloooootttt of training. thanks for making me feel better:)and im glad u dont think teddy is fat lol i didnt think so either haha, i am favoring teddy alot more, hopefully he opens his eyes
It can be very crowded on the sofa for a grown man and a dachshund. HAng in there!!! ^-^
lol it is, its hard to cuddle with two cats and two dogs so after awile we put them down so we have some time together haha
No I mean him (hubby).....and the dachshund.......sleeping on it!!! YYYYEEEAAAHHHH!!
How could anyone possibly call a corgi ugly or a retard!?! People can be ridiculous! I'll admit I think Tegan is way cuter than a lot of my friend's dogs, but I would never call someone's dog ugly -- or even point out that corgis are the cutest and one of the smartest breeds :). I think everyone who's posted on here is right on. Snoopy is his; Teddy is yours and get Snoopy and him into some training classes together if possible. Maybe he'll even become more involved in Snoopy's day-to-day care. I have to say that my boyfriend loves Tegan, but he always listens to the trainer more than he does me. And as far as the mean comments that hurt your feelings -- if you tell him (again when you're not in the heat of a disagreement), hopefully the fact that he loves you will make him realize he needs to cut it out. Good luck, and I think Teddy is super adorable!
thank u very much:) i agree that corgis are the cutest and smartest breeds! teddy is super smart, i just dont get why he has to say mean things. i had a long talk with him and he finally stop since i told him that he would have to start making his own meals if he kept it up! hahaha and of course if he loved me,he hasnt said one mean thing since =P
I believe that your husband's passive-aggressive behavior could be symptomatic of a more serious personality disorder. He may be jealous of the attention you give to Teddy, and thus "punishes" you by saying nasty things about Teddy. The more that you try to talk him into accepting Teddy, the more you are feeding his neurosis and actually enabling it to thrive. His infantile behavior should not be encouraged.
what do u think i should do? i dont want it to start back up again
Wow I completely agree with this. Your husbands behavior is very immature. I sounds like he is insecure in his relationship with you and is making this into something about the dogs. Don't feed into this, you'll only give him cause to continue. Ignore it if you can. Treat both dogs equally and don't acknowledge his childish behavior.


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