my corgi seems to get into nervous bouts which results in loose stools. this goes one for several days and is rather unpleasant. our vet ruled out any internal parasite or worms and said it could possibly be nerves. has anyone experienced this with their corgi?

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When we take spike to the dog park he gets alil nervous and has loose stools. Other then that you would not know that he was nervous at all cuz he plays like crazy.
Yes we have experienced loose stools on walks when our corgi got nervous about something. He is now 3 and has gotten better. What type of food do you feed, maybe that might be causing loose stools, just something to think about.
Whenever we go to dog parks, Bailey's poo is normal the first time, then its pretty mushy for the rest of the times he goes at hte park. we've considered it "normal", since hes fine when elsewhere. I don't know the science behind why it happens... haha but that would be cool to know!
My dorgi, Henry doesn't have this issue, but my rat terrier sure does. At least once a month he goes through this tummy rumble, won't eat, diarrhea issues. He gets quality food and it never seems to be linked with what he may eat. If you get a good answer let me know, I'd sure like help with this.

He bit me one night, and I gave him a time out and ignored him (didnt hit him, didn't yell) and about three hours later he exploded all over my computer cables. Now, the question did he bite because his tummy was upset or did my disapline cause the explosion? Anyway three days later I took him in, because the loose stools continued. The vet looked at a sample under the microscope and said he had an over growth of normal bacteria and put him on a medication that calmed things down.

I read on one of these pages that pepto LIQUID may help. It appears as though the tablets don't disolve for dogs (don't really know, just read this). But tell me how you get down such icky stuff into a dog that won't eat... ;-}

BTW: the ratty (Graygor) is extremely neurotic so I'm sure his reactions are severe.... Good Luck!
Well, puddin's case of the splatters have gotten worse with many thanksgiving visitors - ultimately her worried momma took her to the vet this morning. turns out she has colitis, a common episode for corgis. due to stress, her colon gets inflamed resulting in a mucus-y stool, even being spotted with blood at times. it is something that unfortunately i will likely always have to deal with but there are medicines to help the bouts smooth over. hey, i love her so much i can deal with it just fine. but if anyone experiences this, you may get prescripts at the vet to help. also, she weighs 23 lbs and 2 cc's of immodium AD is helping.
Does your food contain grain? Charlie is allergic to any grain which causes major mud butt. Check your dog food ingredient label. (Lots of corgis have this problem)
I will read the ingredients when I get home...but what type of food do you feed your babe?
My dogs will have loose stools when we go places. I have noticed that it has gotten better now that they are older.

Trunks is also allergic to wheat. We feed Blue Buffalo dog food, which we just switched to. All stools have been normal. There are several other really good brands that have no wheat in the ingredients.
yes!!! try white cooked rice in your dog food or white cooked rice with boiled hamburger! will need to be on for at least a week if not longer til stools stiffen. we had that with our pup 2 wks after and vet said could just be getting adjusted to us. but has done wonderful since rice diet. Good luck!


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