Do you ever just get totally overwhelmed with the love you have for your corgi? Sometimes when Franklin is just hanging out next to me I just have to give him a big ole hug and kisses. He of course LOVES the attention and will climb in my lap and then proceed to find the nearest toy to play with. He is just the most wonderful little guy in the world and makes me so happy. You just can't have a bad day with a dog like him.

Then there's Kirby lol. I know we will get there one day. But the love between him and Franklin makes it so worth all the pain and frustration. Getting ready in the morning with the two corgis zooming through the house and cooking dinner at night with them wrestling in the living room is exactly the reason I got Kirby. I feel like we aren't taking as many steps backwards as we had been over the last few months and I hope the next few months will bring a more calm/relaxed/obedient boy and a much happier me.

Today was just one of those busy awful days following a really stressful week at work where all was made ok again when I walked in the door and was greeted by a wagging nubbin and a baroooooo from Franklin. I just can't imagine what my world would be like without him. He's just such a happy goofy boy that you can't be upset when you are around him.

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I have loved all the dogs and cats I have had but there is no doubt that some are just special. Franklin is obviously your "special" at this time in your life. My Sparty is mine. I got him during a time when I was facing my youngest child going away to college. This was the child that was the most consuming growing up..activities..a little name it my time was spoken for 13 years and suddenly it was quiet. Enter Sparty...a difficult, smart, strong willed puppy! He was bossing me around by 6 months and I was hooked on obedience classes and agility by 7 months. I always have to be a step ahead of him and I admit that it fascinates me plus he is amazingly loving. Almost 13 years later the youngest child is a very successful wonderful adult with a husband and two fabulous little boys and Sparty is old but still so special. Isn't it great?

Nothing can compare to our corgi's 'Barooooooos' :))))

I know exactly what you mean... I can't wait to get home to my furbaby... Sometimes I feel guilty because I feel happier at the prospect of seeing him than my other half (just kidding honey... ;->)  But Chewey is always happy to see me so I can't help but smile, even if I've had a long or yucky day...

BTW, I love the pic of Franklin with all the mud on his nose..LOL!.


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