does anyone have one I can buy? i need one for a 18.5ish pound corgi. its banana time!

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Try here.
yeah I saw that one its for a 6 pound dog
Seanna would disown me until next feeding time if I made her wear this....but OH would it be worth it!
I bought the lobster costume from the same maker last year. Edison did not look thrilled, but as with everything else in life, a few extra treats resigned him to his fate. ;)

Get the "medium" and not the "small". It's easy to forget that corgis are actually regular sized dogs, with very short legs.
I need this too. So bad.
Got mine at Target last year. Check there.
got mine at target last year also Check this site, if they don't have one ask and they may be able to get it for you. Tell them Princess Gwenie sent you. That is cute! Gwenie goes as Merdog again she love that dress. I did get her a new hat this week

Good luck!
hahaha that's fantastic!!! I need one too!
My boys would never forgive me - neither would our son!!!
I didn;t find a banana, but I did find a banana split!


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