I know that there are a couple of similar posts, posted within the last week in fact, but they are not in my area.

I have been lurking on this site for a couple years now, occasionally very active but recently not so much, so some of you may remember me.

I live in Waunakee, WI (right by Madison) and have a yard fenced on 2 sides, sadly not four.  My husband has a wonderful job that he loves and things are going well in life.  I think it would be a good year to get a corgi.  My husband would prefer a puppy, but I am open to any age corgi.  I've been looking on petfinder and such, but most corgis are in rescues 5+ hrs away.  

So, I thought I should ask if anyone new someone who is 5 hrs or less from the Madison area who will be having puppies this year or is perhaps retiring a dog.


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Forgot to mention, they usually have more corgis than what is on the adoptable list, some of them are being treated/assessed for home/etc/etc.  If you email Anitra, she may be able to give you the low down on everyone they have, not just what's on the list (no promises though lol!!)

oh, and pssst, they have corgi/aussie puppies right now if you'd be interested in that sort of thing ; )

Well, I missed out.  Someone adopted Lilly before I could.  I hope Lilly has a wonderful life.  Better luck next time for me, no?

Oh darn, too bad! She was a cutie.

I don't know if you've looked for any local breeders, but I had this site bookmarked from many moons ago. It says they are not planning a litter until late 2012, but maybe she could point you in the right direction? She has more links at the bottom of the page to other breeders in the area too.



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