We are still waiting for the family to move out of the house, waiting very impatiently. Jeremy wants to get out because we have a neighbor that is extremely mean about everything, including Scout (Scout stays in our yard and sometimes visits the friendly neighbor, and has only strayed to the other mean neighbors yard once, and I quickly corrected her, but mean neighbor scouls, flips me off, and yells at me to put "it" on a leash... And there are other neighbor dogs that are off leash too) So that is one big reason we want to get to the country with 2 acres, woods, and a big yard :-)

The second reason is that I really want to call the 2 breeders I am interested in (1 for cardis, 1 for pems) and get on a list for 1 of them. Cardis, I'm pretty much limited to one (Davenitch Cardigans in Illinois). Pems, there are more that I have emailed and like but am almost decided on 1 (Moorse family in Illinois -- The dogs aren't showdogs, but are working so would be good healthy dogs). I don't want to call until we are definately in the house and know what bills will be like so I know that I'll have enough for a corgi and all expenses.

My question within the post, What breed would work best with Scout (she's a pem) or is there that big of a difference if I just go for personality? Scout's calm, but has her crazy streaks. She is no longer dog agressive and plays well with everyone now (she didn't like some dogs when I got her, especially rat terrier type breeds) and she puts up with calmer puppies (met a 10 week old Aussie and it was adorable how they acted).

I'd LOVE a male cardigan, but if another pembroke would work best that's good too. I've never met a cardi, but heard they are in general more relaxed of the 2 breeds so that goes right along the lines I want (though I do want a more social dog, which suggests pem but I assume a lot of that will be my job and not as breed dependant).

Anyway, opinions?




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I don't really think there is a "right" answer for which breed is best. Even going by just the "typical" attitude of each breed, there are always going to be exceptions to the rule. Honestly I would just go with whichever breed really speaks to you, and then make sure you have a serious discussion with the breeder about what kind of personality you're looking for in a puppy.


Is there a certain reason you are only going with Davenitch? Nothing against them by any means, just curious. There are some other good cardi breeders in the midwest, and many travel to shows in different states and will sometimes bring pups with them to help with travel times.

Jane, if you message me info, I am still open to anything. Davenitch is just the one I came across that emailed me back.  I think I emailed 4 cardi people.  Thanks!


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